He’s a “Not Much of a Breakfast Guy”

“I’m not much of a breakfast guy,” he said to me.
Perfect Breakfast for a Man
What I heard was… “Life? I could take it or leave it.”

“I couldn’t give a rats ass about feeling better.”

“I don’t really want to change but like to talk about it.”

…And about a hundred other zingers.

It’s a true story. All too true because it’s all too common.

This guy, we’ll call him Jim, for short, is 43 and not in bad shape. But life is taking it’s toll. He’s not noticeably “fat” or at least not in our current culture. But he’s certainly plumping up and soft inside the edges.

More so what Jim is feeling is the mounting effects of 43 without a supportive lifestyle. He’s got too much stress going, too little exercise, a little too much stress release in recreational wine and of course his nutrition can be summarized in the “I’m not much of a breakfast guy,” line. It’s the perfect formula for the disease of the modern man: Lifestyle Induced Hormone Suppression (LIHS). And that’s a losing hand for every man.

The no-breakfast statement says to me, “I’m not vested, I don’t really care.” This is what he said in response to starting the Full Strength 14-Day Reboot — because I highly recommend men use their Full Strength first thing in the morning, for that way it’s almost magical capacity to regulate blood sugar, insulin and energy levels can be in play all day long.

But I don’t need to explain the inner workings to Jim. What I need and he needs more is to experience the difference that not just eating in the morning can do but that Full Strength will do. That’s what the 14-Days is all about: Experience. It’s a chance to stop thinking and start feeling what great is truly like–what real, authentic energy arising from inside your body feels like.

It’s just one Full Strength each morning for 14 days. That’s all. You do that and I won’t have to twist your arm, convince you to change your behavior, graph the inner workings of your body over time. It’ll just make change that much easier and funner for us both.

In the meantime, when Jim gave me his subtle resistance with the “I’m not much of a breakfast guy,” I simply responded, “and how’s that working out for you?

Keep doing what you’ve always done and you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. And unless I’m mistaken that exactly what got you here in the first place.

So, my stern and compassionate advice: Open your mouth and enjoy a Full Strength shake this morning—and tomorrow and the next day.

Then call me in two weeks and tell me what you know.

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