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Full Strength Nutrition Founder Shawn Phillips

Founded by fitness and nutrition veteran, Shawn Phillips, formerly of EAS fame, Full Strength Nutrition has been serving the world’s best total nutrition shake to tens of thousands since 2006.

A small nutrition company, Full Strength Nutrition has assumed a “David” like approach in quietly slaying the “Goliaths” of the industry with superior products, service, experience and results.

Rather than doing a lot of average products, we do a very few exceptionally well. When you buy, you do so directly from us. That means you’re investing in your best nutrition, not paying enormous margins to a store like GNC, nor the middle men, the freight, or the storage.

It’s like having locally “grown” premium nutrition.

Not only do you save money that buys you a greatly superior product, but you’re also getting the freshest nutrition shake anywhere. Where a Full Strength shake may have been blended last week, the average mega-store nutrition may be nearing a year in age.

We’re a new model in nutrition, one focused on purpose, integrity and vision. We’re inspired by a brilliant future, where most nutrition companies are living yesterday’s model and fighting over the same old turf.


We exist to help men live freer, clearer, stronger lives.

That means life full-on, with eyes wide open, aware, present and strong, from the inside out; with courage and clarity of action, intention and strength of body, mind and heart.

For the man in the prime of life, who’s feeling the squeeze of demands from family, career and life, Full Strength translates to more time, more energy and an all around more resourced, capable man—the difference between mowing down the challenges, and getting mowed down by them.


We are committed to the nutrition shake being the most predominant form of “fast-food” in America by the year 2017.

When 30-40 million Americans are enjoying a high-quality, nutrient rich shake each day, the impact on our overall health, wellness and enthusiasm for life will be as powerfully positive as our “obesity watch” is negative now.

We Believe

  • We believe that great nutrition is behind every great man.
  • We believe a great day begins with a great, nutrient rich breakfast.
  • We believe in food over pharmaceuticals.
  • We believe in fueling strength and fitness, not starving weight loss.
  • We believe far too many men lose their energy, strength and vitality just when they have the most to offer the world. And this loss is quietly devastating.
  • We believe every man should know how to iron a shirt and operate a blender
  • We believe in fact over fiction; the truth prevails, even if it takes longer than hype.
  • We believe a penny saved might not be enough to buy back your health tomorrow.
  • We believe that diets deprive and a well-nourished man freely eatsless.
  • We believe you can have your cake and eat it tooif you have the strength to choose.
  • We believe that “to nourish” is the primary function of food and that choosing nourishment leads to greater freedom and enjoyment in your eating.
  • We believe that your excellence inspiresexcellence in others.
  • We believe the strength of America, of your community, your family begins with you.
  • We believe in you.

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Nutrition, for the Performance of Your Life

Full Strength is the world’s only premium, small-batch nutrition shake. It is also the world’s only “membership” driven nutrition shake, with over 83% of clients belonging to the monthly Inner Circle to take advantage of the “Smart Ship program.”

Created as not to be a meal-replacement but as a meal, Full Strength is the flagship product of Full Strength Nutrition, LLC, founded by Shawn Phillips, a fitness and nutrition veteran of more than 20 years who helped found and develop the nutritional super-giant EAS along with other nutrition companies.

Phillips is the author of two best-selling books on fitness, nutrition and a performance lifestyle: ABSolution: The Practical Guide to Building Your Best Abs and Strength for LIFE: 12-Day Reboot, 12-Weeks to Transform, 12-Month to the lifestyle.

Full Strength Nutrition is committed to helping men of all ages live freer, clearer, stronger lives. The company’s long-term vision is that the nutrition shake becomes the most predominant form of “fast-food” in America by the year 2017.

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