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Protein a Smart Move for Troops with Brain Injury

A NEW report from the Institute of Medicine (IoM) ‘strongly supports’ the use of protein for military personnel with severe traumatic brain injury; says a report in The IoM report emphasizes the importance of nutrition, not only to augment overall defensive mechanisms against the effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI), “but also as post […]

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When is the Best Time to Train?

I don’t have the time. When it comes to exercising/training, how many times have you heard that one? “I don’t have the time.” Perhaps even uttered those words yourself? While it’s true life has a way of conspiring against us when it comes to training time—work, family, unexpected conflicts, travel—it doesn’t have to be that […]

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Q & A With Shawn Phillips

Can I strength train and do my cardio on the same day? If so, what should I do first? A long-term sustainable plan to optimize your training, and keep you from cannibalizing the very lean muscle you’re trying to build, will have you focusing on either strength or cardio on any given day. Whenever you […]

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Eating for Super-Hero Like Strength

Eating is a necessity but what you eat is ultimately your choice. Remarkably, most people go a lifetime without learning even the basics of proper nutrition. They see food and reactively eat it. While I’m sure you’d agree that the resistance and discipline of dieting can be a tremendous effort, learning to bring your higher […]

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A Strong Life Well Nourished

Your body knows what it needs to thrive and strives to supply the right balance of nutrients. Where diets fall short is by leading you to believe that you can somehow deny your body’s natural desire for nourishment, which is intended to keep you living healthy and strong. This is the wrong approach. Well intended […]

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