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Celebrating 7 Strong Years of Full Strength

It’s been 7 brilliant years… The dream to realize the potential of the Nutrition Shake was born in 2005. After more than a year of diligent effort we unleashed the beast of Full Strength on the public in April 2006. What we’d done was insane and asinine. We’d invested millions in re-inventing the category of […]

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The New Strength is Here! The NEW …

Here’s how I look when the NEW Full Strength is here! And guess what… the NEW FULL STRENGTH is here! And it’s amazing! Grab a box and see what I mean…    

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What’s Green and Makes You Strong?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to You! Here’s a delicious good for you St. Paddy’s day GREEN treat featuring a NEW product we’re sharing, SO TRU Organic Greens blended into both a Chocolate and Vanilla Full Strength shake. It’s simply stunning… ly great and great for you! We’re sending out FREE Samples to all our members […]

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Whey but not Soy Protein Changes Body Composition

Many people tell ya, “Protein is protein.” But it just aint so. Today, comes another reminder from industry veteran, protein expert, Will Brink that whey protein is the king of Transformation. In previous studies we’ve seen that whey protein improves insulin sensitivity (that’s very important for weight loss) lowers blood pressure, elevates metabolism and provides […]

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Water vs. Protein: You Lose

Another Reason Why fresh Full Strength Rules! Full Strength… Just add water and bring to LIFE.

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Your Body as a Temple

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Why the Lords are Leaping

Get Your Leap Back with 12-Perfect Days before Christmas… Order the 12-Day ReBOOT KIT Tonight, before midnight and get FREE SHIPPING and a ONE MONTH supply of the Vitamin of Vitality, Vitamin-D3!

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Why Rats Love Red Wine

Yes, more science is in… Wine is very, very good… for Rats. Okay, maybe it’s every bit as good for you and I. Unless, of course, you’ve got the dreaded “wine allergy.” Then it’s not so good. Not good at all. Here’s the Study from : Red wine polyphenols boost vascular health: Rat study […]

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Your Thanksgiving “Get Out of Dieting FREE” Card

One of the most frustrating and down right silliest thing people do with weight-loss and fitness is fall into all these crazy “holiday fitness” traps. They waste time and energy and lose much of the “being here” joy of the holidays trying to feel better about work they didn’t put in the other 360+ days… […]

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The King of Strength Shake

Here’s the FULL Recipe card for the Elvis Special…. The Peanutbutter & Banana Full Strength! Yes, it’s scary delicious! Enjoy! (Yes, CLICK to Enlarge & Download) Click on Image to Enlarge

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