Your Thanksgiving “Get Out of Dieting FREE” Card


One of the most frustrating and down right silliest thing people do with weight-loss and fitness is fall into all these crazy “holiday fitness” traps. They waste time and energy and lose much of the “being here” joy of the holidays trying to feel better about work they didn’t put in the other 360+ days…

Thanksgiving is by most all accounts a meal… maybe two. Eat! It’s not the meal that’s gonna kill you. In most ways it’s fresher, cleaner and more organic than the crap most eat most of the time. And training or doing the “X360-booty shimmy” ain’t gonna resolve the meal let alone any extra mass.

Train if it’s in your plan because it feels good and is good for your mind and soul. It will energize you. But beyond that; want butter? Eat it. Want pie? Go to town. Screw suffering as a way to relieve or be significant. This is a day for family, for reflection and abundance.

Enjoy it… with all your body mind and heart.

Wishing you and yours’ a happy, healthy holiday!

Team Full Strength

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