Full Strength Coast to Coast

Question: How do you drive the US, nonstop,  coast to coast?

1) 1 mile at a time?

2) On Full Strength?

You got it. Both.

Yes, we get a lot of wonderful testimonials from people living the Full Strength life here. The great thing about being Lifestyle Nutrition is we’re not just getting the always uplifting, “look how much weight I lost story.”

We get a much wider variety. Perhaps none more outside the usual than this one from Chuck C. who enjoyed the uplifting, focus-boosting energy of Full Strength to Drive across the USA.

Yep, you got that right. Drive from Coast to Coast. Now, I can’t say for sure why he did it. But sounds like it’s not the first time. Perhaps he’s driving a big-rig and didn’t think to include that. Honestly, I didn’t ask.

But what makes this especially cool is that there may be no more telling example of how Full Strength balances energy–insulin and blood sugar, keeping you going strong all day long.

Seriously, especially given Chuck is in his 50’s, if Full Strength rushed your body with too rapid a protein or carb delivery, if it spiked blood sugars you’d be sleeping and out cold in a car for sure. There is no way you could keep going clear and strong.

And note, he makes a point that he used NO STIMULANTS.

Now, this is a FEAT of STRENGTH and a wonderful testament to how Full Strength sustains, energizes, balances all day.

What’s that mean for you?

Hours of freedom from cravings, sustained–steady energy, longer fat-burning zone, better hormone health, fewer calories and yet more energy, less coffee needed.
And the list goes on… and on.It’s basically everything you want to live leaner, stronger and freer after age 35.

Thanks Chuck! For living and Sharing the Full Strength LIFE!


Hello Jodi
Not only do I use the product every morning but get this.....
I used Full Strength as the primary fuel for my last 
cross country drive ( I've done it 6 times).
After about a 5 hour sleep the night before after 
driving 500 miles, I drove from Dayton Ohio to NIFS 
in Indianapolis, worked out for an hour then drove 
all day and night to Amarillo Texas. I took a 1-hour 
nap then drove to Flagstaff AZ. The next day 
I went all the way to San Diego. 

No stimulants used.
Now THAT'S Full Strength! I just turned 54:).
Tell Shawn my story and that this is the best 
product ever and that I hope to meet you guys someday.
Chuck C 


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