Eating for Super-Hero Like Strength

Eating is a necessity but what you eat is ultimately your choice.

Remarkably, most people go a lifetime without learning even the basics of proper nutrition. They see food and reactively eat it.

While I’m sure you’d agree that the resistance and discipline of dieting can be a tremendous effort, learning to bring your higher mind into your eating can be nothing less than heroic. But make no mistake, it’s the path to a lifetime of Nutritional Freedom.

No special powers or capes are necessary.

When it comes to making the intelligent, empowering choices about what to eat and what not to eat, I choose life; which is to say I eat to live, rather than live to eat. This means I’m free to choose nourishment over feeding cravings.

How I eat is the result of practiced awareness—a developed Strength. You might call it a conscious eating practice. Think about how Tiger Woods swings a golf club: His mind clear and focused, he’s not thinking about his swing. It’s effortless. He’s swinging the club the way he knows, the way he’s rehearsed it a million times.

How to Gain Nutritional Freedom

The above text is an excerpt from my book, Strength for LIFE, the chapter on developing Nutritional Freedom. In the book you’ll discover a clear, complete guide to developing a seemingly super-human strength to eat the right foods, freely, without the need for a diet or any so-calling motivation. It’s all about eating what elevates and empowers your life, because you want to.

I can’t share the complete chapter here (that’s why it’s called I book, I guess, and this a blog), but I can give you a tip: The foundation of Nutritional Freedom begins with finding one or two meals a day that you enjoy and that elevate your body, mind and energy–from the inside out. This “repeat performance” begins, and strengthens, the connection between what you eat and how you feel. The idea is to teach your unconscious mind to seek the joy of life and energy over the short term jolt of food for pleasure or addiction.

One of the most perfect foods, one specifically designed to support the re-wiring and development of your Nutritional Freedom is the Full Strength nutrition shake. It’s the most reliably uplifting, freeing complete meal most people can consume daily. That’s why I ask people to take the 14-Day Full Strength Challenge — to give it one shake a day for 2 short weeks and just feel for themselves how life changing feeling GREAT truly is!

Here’s to your LIFE @ Full Strength!

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