Q: Do I need a blender for Full Strength?

When Full Strength is properly blended, it has a thickness and a smooth, creamy milk shake like texture that’s distinctively its own. It is part of what gives you that satisfied “I’m full” feeling.

My preferred method: Is in my BlendTec Blender. Here’s my friend Tom and I having some fun in this video watched by almost half a million viewers: Will it Blend?

Will It Blend

the Full Strength Blender Bottle (with steel whisk) mixes a delicious shake. I use mine when traveling…at airports, on the plane, or a quick way to start my day skipping the hotel breakfast.

Q: How do I blend my shake thicker?

Instead of a full 16 ounces of ice cold water, try using a little less. 13-14 ounces will make a significant difference, but you can even use as little as 12 ounces. I also like to use more ice cubes—6 to 7—to thicken up my shake. But the key is to experiment with your shakes until you find the thickness that’s just right for you.

Q: Can I mix fruit with Full Strength?

Yes, you can mix fruit with Full Strength. But I want to make something perfectly clear…

I love Full Strength in its purest form…cold, smooth and delicious.

So here’s my request for you. Try Full Strength on its own, with just cold water and ice, for the first two weeks. Then decide if you want to add a banana or some berries to your favorite flavor Full Strength shake.

Two things to keep in mind: First, adding fruit increases the caloric value of your shakes, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, particularly after training. Secondly, the natural sugars in fruit will impact the body’s glycemic response. Of course, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with this either, as long as you have that awareness.

Q: How many Full Strength shakes should I drink a day?

Whether you’re a one shake a day or two shake a day guy really depends on your goals and lifestyle. Personally, I’m a two shake a day guy.

I recommend starting your day strong with a delicious Full Strength shake. Personally, I also enjoy a mid-afternoon Full Strength between lunch and dinner around 3:30 or 4 pm. My second shake keeps me going strong until dinner around 7:30pm.

Two shakes a day makes it convenient for me to get in my five meals a day.

Q: Are you going to make Full Strength with strawberry, raspberry, tangerine fruit and knuckle berry flavors?

This is one of the questions I hear most. “Oh, so you’ve only got chocolate and vanilla?” Yes, that’s what I offer. And here’s why…

Rather than deliver a Basket of 31derful flavors, I figure if you want to add fresh organic berries, fruit, peanut butter, almond butter, cinnamon. You can. In the quantities and varieties you choose.

Instead of fracturing my focus and attention on creating a suite of flavors, I poured hours of research and development into the performance of the shake. This, combined with countless taste tests, enabled me to concentrate on making what many consider to be the best tasting and best performing chocolate and vanilla shakes in the world.

Many shake companies like to use what I call the flavor confusion principle. They market a dozen or more different flavors to you. So you try all of them and find that none really, truly leave you with a feeling of fullness and satisfaction. Next thing you know you’ve got 12 containers of unused shakes in the back of your food pantry.

Full Strength delivers a lasting experience, along with a great taste, so you don’t need dozens of flavors to try to cover up the short-comings of lesser ingredients or formulas that other shakes suffer from.

Q: I’m not working out or strength training regularly right now, should I still drink my Full Strength?

I contend that those who benefit most from Full Strength are those exactly in your position. If an injury, work deadline or some other unfathomable obstacle is preventing you from training, then the very least you can do is stay on top or your vital nutritional need.

Your body and mind recovers best when fueled by balanced nutrition such as found in Full Strength.

More and more research every day is being released on the weight-loss enhancing factors of protein, as well as its essential requirement for the body’s healthy function, from brain chemistry to your immune system.

Protein is the single most important nutrient for the body. It’s a life-enhancing and life-building compound. Regardless if you’re enjoying regular workouts or not, Full Strength properly serves the cellular needs of the body and supports health, cognition and strength.

Q: Do I need to continue to take my multivitamin?

Full Strength features high-quality vitamins, easily absorbable minerals, and a bevy of antioxidants in a rich, tasty delivery form. So you don’t really need to take any other vitamins with what is already provided in Full Strength. That said, continuing on with your multivitamin shouldn’t cause any problems.

Q: Why is it when I drink Full Strength, all my cravings for junk food go away?

This is an interesting phenomena and an important part of the Full Strength experience. I know when I drink Full Strength, literally 5 minutes later, I’m totally free from any sort of craving.

Here’s what’s happening: Most cravings start from nutrient deficiencies. Your body needs vital nutrients but your brain tells you that you need much more–like a “double-double with cheese.” This results in a craving. Cravings are actually a brain chemistry addiction where you satisfy hunger by feeding yourself with things that are quick, convenient and taste good…but not necessarily good for you.

The problem is, filling yourself up on sweet or fatty foods that don’t deliver what your body really needs leaves you craving more and more. Why? Because even though you’ve consumed 1200 calories, your body still needs those vital nutrients it truly desires.

So when you feed your body with quality nutrition, you eliminate cravings. And that’s exactly what Full Strength does. It nourishes your body and mind so thoroughly, cravings are virtually non-existent.

Bonus: Full Strength’s intelligent design also makes you less susceptible to habitual snacking and full-on eating binges that are destructive to your health. Instead of reaching for snacks, sodas, candies or other empty-calorie foods, you’ll enjoy a Full Strength shake that keeps you feeling full and satisfied for 3 hours or more.

Q: Why does Full Strength have a Nutrition Facts Panel instead of Supplement Facts Panel?

A Nutrition Facts Panel is only for food products, while a Supplement Facts Panel is strictly for a supplement to food—not an actual food product. Since Full Strength is a food, it’s labeled as such. It meets the requirements of a whole food, not just a supplement to the foods you eat.

Q: Is 300 Calories too much for me?

For most men, the portion-controlled 300 calories in a Full Strength shake is the perfectly balanced meal that makes 5 to 6 meals-per-day simple, effortless and enjoyable.

When you eat 5 to 6 smaller, more nutritious meals-per-day (which you should be doing) your food is more easily absorbed and processed by your body than the traditional 3-square-meals-a-day plan. Smaller, more frequent meals deliver sustained energy and better metabolism for a leaner you.

Q: Can women drink Full Strength?

While Full Strength is built for a man’s health system, it’s perfectly suitable for women as well. It doesn’t have any ingredients that undermine a woman’s femininity and it won’t give you hair where it’s not wanted. In fact, women love the shake almost as much as men do. Some women consume a full serving of Full Strength, while others enjoy only two-thirds of a packet.

Q. What makes Full Strength different than just a “protein” drink?

Full Strength isn’t just a shake delivering more protein into your diet. It’s a highly integrated meal meticulously designed for a healthier, more energized body and mind.

Sure it has protein! You bet. Every packet of Full Strength contains the same amount of protein as a decent sized fillet at your favorite steakhouse.

Of course, that’s minus the 40 grams of fat and 360 additional calories, but you get the idea.
But along with that protein is a complex formula to support and enhance your peak performance, including:

More than 50% of the Protein blend in Full Strength consists of the coveted whey protein isolate (more about that in the following question), accompanied by ultra high-quality whey concentrate; slow-absorbing calcium caseinate, and bio-active, fraction-rich milk protein isolate. These proteins ensure a sustained release of amino acids for optimal muscle growth and recovery.
A balanced, sustained energy release featuring carbs from healthy, low glycemic oat fiber
6 grams of fiber
A built in antioxidant matrix
5 grams of essential whole food fats
More vitamins and minerals than 1 cup of cooked spinach, 4 raw carrots, 4 bananas, 50 large apples, and 1 large sweet potato
Kinda blows your mind doesn’t it? Because this is exactly what you’re be feeding your body and mind every time you enjoy a Full Strength “Strength Shake.”

If all that was piled in front of you in the form of foods and supplements, you couldn’t get it down no matter how hard you tried.

But with Full Strength, you can. Quickly and easily. And man, does it taste good!

Q. What makes your proteins so much better than other nutrition shakes?

We find the more educated consumer really appreciates the comprehensive formula of Full Strength (of which over 50% of the proteins are whey protein isolate).
I’m sure you noted the clean, fresh taste and aroma of Full Strength upon opening the pouch and enjoying that very first sip when you received your sample. That is due in large part to the high quality source of whey protein isolate we use. It’s difficult to mask a poorly derived source of whey.

The Full Strength whey protein is sourced using a very high-tech proprietary Cross-flow Filtration process, second to none.

Instead of using destructive chemicals, our Cross-flow Filtration process sustains a more complete protein profile, with virtually no denatured proteins, a superior amino acid profile, more calcium, less sodium and higher bio-availability.

Q. When are you coming out with a “ready-to-drink” version?

Not anytime soon.
Most companies (and many consumers too) have become trapped in the convenience paradigm. Don’t get me wrong—I know the importance of convenience (thus the handy Full Strength Blender Bottle)—but too many of these companies are ignoring the consequences of their choices in the name of convenience.

Just think about the additives and preservatives that must go into a ready-to-drink nutritional shake so it can safely sit on a shelf at room temperature for 2 years or more. In contrast, if you leave a Full Strength sitting around for a couple hours, you get the vivid understanding that there’s actual whole food in there.
I draw the line at premium quality. I’m creating high-level quality nutrition that fuels your body and mind. If someone is too busy to commit 60 to 90 seconds to use a blender or a Blender Bottle, then Full Strength is clearly not for them.

Q. Why can’t I get Full Strength at a nutrition store?

A. I don’t want to leave the responsibility of sharing the premium nature of Full Strength to some 3rd party store that offers discounted pills and potions

Instead, I want to be in a direct relationship with the people who most appreciate the value in the small-batch produced, hand-built nutrition of Full Strength.

Q: What is the difference between Full Strength and other “protein” and meal replacement shakes ?

The guiding intention in the early creation of nutrition shakes, almost two decades ago, was to deliver a full meal – an actual meal replacement. But over time, nutrition shakes seem to have fallen into two categories: one serving dieters and the other catering to only athletes and bodybuilders with protein-rich formulas sans other essential integrated ingredients.

Full Strength is the world’s first fast performance food. It was designed to deliver a level of nourishment, satisfaction and pleasure that no other shake has ever produced. Designed with our copyrighted Performance Balance™ Technology, it integrates low-glycemic carbohydrates, heart healthy rolled oats, the highest quality proteins, probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and mineral—all into a delicious, smooth shake. Click here to find out more.

If you really want to experience the difference between Full Strength and other “protein” or meal replacement shakes, try each for yourself. Pay attention to how they taste, how you feel, your energy levels, and your mental focus. Then take another assessment after 15 minutes, then an hour, two hours and finally after 3 hours.

Full Strength is a whole new way to think about nutrition, it’s the Nutrition Shake 2.0

Q: Why is Full Strength is “built for a man?”

At the risk of sounding selfish, I admit that I built Full Strength for myself… because I needed a nutritious and wanted a delicious nutrition shake that would help me live to my full potential for life. An integrated nutrition shake that help me feel stronger, keep me energized, and fit – and one that I looked forward to enjoying each day. And oh man, do I ever look forward to my Full Strength – it’s such an amazing treat I still can’t believe it’s better than good for me.

So, I did it… I built Full Strength for my own selfish needs and wants and now I’m sharing it with a few friends, those who care about their bodies and respect their minds and listen to their taste buds. A primary reason why it’s engineered to support a man’s strength is that I can fall on the side of being a man. It comes fully equipped with an integrated antioxidant blend, a whopping l 12 grams of life supporting glutamine, 40 grams of premium protein, the Performance Balance technology for lasting energy and enhanced fat loss, with zinc, selenium, magnesium, support for a man’s hormone levels. All that and it still tastes like melting ice-cream!

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