Gutbusters: “Xtreme Eating Awards 2011″

“The alluring aroma of fresh baked bread, the sizzling of a New York strip on the grill, the sparkling crispness of a tree fresh gala apple; food is magnificent, delectable, provocative, and powerful—one of life’s finest pleasures. I enjoy food, all sorts of foods.”

That’s the opening line from Chapter 9 in my book, Strength for Life.

Food is quite literally fuel for life. Next to water, air, and the sun; nothing is more important to your life than the nutrition that food provides.

We must eat to live.

Unfortunately, more and more people have it backwards. Rather than eat to live, they live to eat.

Instead of food being in service of life, it becomes a center of life, a source of ”happiness.” As a result of this cultural mis-adaptation, the very thing which sustains life is taking it.

The most recent issue of Nutrition Action Newsletter, deals out “Xtreme Eating Awards” to a few restaurant chains and their overly-indulgent menu items.

    Cold Stone Creamery
    24 oz PB&C Shake at = 2,010 calories
    Cheesecake Factory
    Farmhouse Burger = 1,530 calories

    Red Velvet Cheesecake=1,540 calories

    Cheesecake Factory Dinner total
    (no beverages) =3,070 calories

    SuperCheese Melt=1,256 calories
    (That’s a grilled cheese sandwich loaded with four mozzarella sticks inside!)

Swapping Precious Lean Muscle for Fat
Eat like this too often and you’ll most likely pile on the pounds and swap precious lean muscle for fat. Your body will spend hours digesting food that tanks your energy and leaves you feeling bloated, yet empty inside.

I’m not blaming the restaurants, nor am I against the occasional indulgence, but for all of food’s impact in our lives we all too often treat it with disrespect. We take it for granted, use it recklessly, and abuse it foolishly, all to our detriment.

How to Swap Fat for Precious Lean Muscle
Eating is a necessity but what you eat is ultimately your choice.

When it comes to making intelligent, empowering choices about what to eat and what not to eat, I choose to eat to live, rather than live to eat. This means I’m free to choose nourishment over feeding cravings.

If you haven’t already tried this recipe for nutritional success, it’s time:

    1 delicious Full Strength Shake = 300 calories

Fewer calories. More Nutrition.

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