What Did You Let Get Away?

Life’s a strange thing. And I’m speaking from experience. Inevitably, along the way you win some and you lose some.

You’re moving along, take your eye off one ball because there’s something more important–much more in the case of Ed in this video–and something else gets away.

What Is It You’d Like to Get Back?

Surely, like us all, you’ve let a few “get away.” For most men of a certain age it’s not a Harley–it’s their health, energy, vitality and Strength. You got busy. You had more important things to do. You gained a few and then a few more. Then the momentum started, compounded by years and now you’re wondering, “How the hell can I get this one back?”

It’s the right question and the right one. For while Ed’s Harley can sit a few more years and gain value, your body, mind and life are slipping further every day that you don’t turn the corner.

Now, let’s be clear. I’m not just talking to the guy who’s struggling with an extra 80 pounds, I’m talking to every guy who doesn’t feel better, fitter and leaner at 44 than he did at 34. I’m not talking about living in obsession or being some freak.

When You Hit 4-0 Self Care is #1

Work, family, play, etc… they’re all great, important but NONE are MORE important than you. You want you back? Your life, your energy. It’s not a pill or potion, or even a hormone you need. It all begins with nutrition that can begin bending life in your favor. Yes, I am talking about you meeting and getting to know the Full Strength daily nutrition shake–the ONLY premium nutrition shake engineered for the man in the middle-prime of life.

Yes, exercise matters. Get moving and do so with intensity. Do you need the much coveted HRT Hormone-Replacement-Therapy? Maybe but we can’t know until you get your lifestyle in order. And there is no easier, faster and more potent way to correct your nutrition and create a powerful, life elevating momentum than to enjoy a daily FULL STRENGTH Shake for 30 Days Straight.

Getting this one back–your body, health, strength and confidence–may not be easy but it’s a hell of a lot easier when you apply the strategic advantage of Full Strength daily. And I don’t mean, “Now and then.” I mean now and now–as it every day. Why? Well, take one shake every day for 14 days and you can tell me. And you will.

Here’s to get your most important one, back!

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