If You Were Lance, What Would You Do?

Ride with Lance Armstrong Live Strong

Me riding with Lance. Good times.

It’s all so simple, right?

You’re innocent, you fight and win. Of course, that’s how it always works in the movies. So, the man who would never give up, who doesn’t know quit, quit. What gives?

Well, as you might guess, there’s a million things wrong with this witch-hunt, with the madness and I’ve got even more things to say about it. But rather than putting the burden on Lance, putting the blame of hero status, how about you try a little thought experiment? How about you see, “What would you really do?”

Here’s a scenario that you can put yourself in and work through the experience. It’s not the same but it’s awfully familiar and should help you get a feel of how much more complex and difficult the Lance Armstrong situation is than we like to think, when we don’t really think about it.


How Will You Respond | Try This On

So your university has decided to go back, decade or two later, in the express interest of taking your degree from you. They go over ever test you took, every paper, every document. All in order… they find old security footage of you, so it seems, glancing at your neighbors answers–perhaps cheating on a test. Hard to tell, but looks like it. Not that you or any of us ever, ever did that (we’re better people than cheaters)… but based on this, they’ve threatened some of your classmates and friends with loss of their degrees too… now they’re going to say you cheated.

Of course at this point in life you don’t use your degree and your successful, you learned what you needed then but have gained so much more wisdom and experience. They can’t take what you know only the paper they think is so valuable.

What would you do?

Will you fight over paper, over their perception of what’s most important, to the determent to you, your family and even the friends who have been coerced to sinking you?

Or would you stand in your own shoes, look in the mirror without shame and walk away from a battle that simply makes everything worse–because some petty failure of a life is power-mad and can’t get his own internal demons resolved?

Well, what would you do?

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