Consistant Meal Timing Matters for Weight Loss and Health

Amidst the miracles and mystery of fat-loss there’s been one consistent theme, one drum I’ve beat more than any other for decades now, dating back to pre-Body for LIFE days and that is…


Doing the little things, same time, every day wins. No one can or will argue that. It’s the ol’ tortoise that beat the hare story. Just keep on doing it.

Along this line, I’ve been saying for years that it’s not enough to take a protein shake, or especially a Full Strength shake, now and then. It’s not just about some protein here and there. Full Strength, first off, is more than a shake, it nourishes like a complete meal. And that’s how it’s best used.

That’s why I suggest to most people to start their day STRONG with a Full Strength shake. Start today, and every day. Because there’s metabolic magic in the routine. I’ve said it and now comes more science to support that something more than calories in and calories out happens when you add the component and structure of time.

In a study, Timed high-fat diet resets circadian metabolism and prevents obesity, the component of timing was studied to assess the impact on the (HF) High-Fat diet which is known to disrupt circadian rhythms further disrupting metabolic factors and promoting obesity.

The study says: “Compared with the HF diet ad libitum, the timed HF diet led to 18% lower body weight, 30% decreased cholesterol levels, 10% reduced TNF-α levels, and 3.7-fold improved insulin sensitivity. Timed HF-diet-fed mice exhibited a better satiated and less stressed phenotype of 25% lower ghrelin and 53% lower corticosterone levels…”

The point, or more technically speaking, conclusion? First, forget about the low-fat, high-fat part. It’s not about the fat, it’s about the timing. The summary says:

“Our findings suggest that timing can prevent obesity and rectify the harmful effects of a HF diet.”

My conclusion is that timing matters and by eating at very consistent times each day, having a shake first thing (or when you have set it in your schedule) and sticking to your plan each day will help even a poor diet–so imagine what it might do for healthy eating.

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