The Strength You Need, When
You Need It

Blended, first thing, in your kitchen for the ideal “start strong” breakfast, shaken—not stirred for a lunch on the go that keeps you going, after training, before a 15 mile run, on top of K2; any way you slice, shake or blend it, Full Strength is instant performance, strength and energy to fuel the greatest moments of your life.

The daily life performance ritual of Full Strength means the end to the struggle to eat right. It’s the most reliable nutrition you’ll get every day. And it’ll make it easy to eat healthier, more life enhancing foods all day long. It’s life performance nutrition made stupid simple.

“When I added Full Strength, I effortlessly went from drinking 5 cups of coffee a day to 1, and feel better, with more energy all day.” ~ Greg F.

Add Hours to Your Day, Get More Done

A nearly perfect integrated meal that nourishes body and mind, Full Strength offers increased productivity, sustained energy, laser-like focus for up to four full hours. For most, it’s the best nutrition you’ll get all day, never mind it’s also the fastest and more delicious.

In contrast to the temporary illusion of caffeinated energy that leaves you exhausted, Full Strength is true energy; the cellular level nutrition that rev you up, and keep you rolling along, strong.

How to Feel the Strength of Full Strength:
Try this: Enjoy a Full Strength shake 90 minutes before the most important event, meeting or challenge you have this week. When you’re under the most demands you’ll feel the resourced confidence the most. Do try this one at home!

On the road, in the air, on the back nine, or the backside of the mountain enjoy a Full Strength shake. Enjoy a Full Strength Shake Whenever You Are Looking Uphill.

Start Strong: Breakfast

There’s no better way to start your day with an advantage than with a quick, delicious, nutrient rich Full Strength shake. Chocolate or rich creamy vanilla, enjoy it straight up or add some organic berries, a dash of real cinnamon, raw almonds of flax for the fun of it and you’re good to go for hours.

As a perfect breakfast, Full Strength nourishes your body and energizes your mind for a powerful, positive high results day. With the steady energy, you’ll also find yourself eating better all day, effortlessly. No over the top lunches, no sugar cravings in the afternoons. You’ll not even need a 5-Hour Energy lift.

When you eat a quality breakfast, you’ve joined the few, the elite, the achievers, the fewer than 50% of Americans who even eat breakfast, at all. Nice move.

An Afternoon Mid-Air Refueling

The human body excels when fed small, balanced meals every 3 to 4 hours. Fueling your body regularly preserves the engine of youth—your muscle—and fuels your brain’s neurotransmitters resulting in better decision making, stronger mental focus and faster memory processing.

Managing stable blood sugar may be the toughest and most important task your body does. When your blood sugar spikes, and your insulin overcompensates, which it will, you’re either storing fat like it’s a precious metal or strip mining your precious muscle tissue. To avoid the afternoon crash, or pull yourself out of a dive, put down the sugary soda or cookie and blend up a delicious balanced, Full Strength meal.

It’s the perfect choice for in-between breakfast and a late lunch, or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up to keep you going strong until dinner.

The Hi-Performer’s Lunch

With the exception of the “Mad Men,” lunch is for most one of the biggest productivity killers that virtually no-one wants to talk about. While going hungry is not the answer, neither is losing an hour now to a mega-meal and nodding off for the next two-hours as your body tries to recover from excess fat and calories.

Full Strength is lean, calorie compact nutrition that fuels you for hours and gets you back on task in minutes. Blend up Full Strength for lunch, kick back and enjoy a “Shake Break” and then get back to kicking ass, at Full Strength! It’s as simple as it is delicious.

Perfect Post-Workout Power

After an intense bout of training your body is literally starving for nutrients, and your body requires those nutrients quickly if you’re to recover optimally. Your body needs, demands, abundant nutrients within a 40 minute window of training. The longer you wait, the worse your recovery, the slower and weaker. After this window closes your body’s ability to optimally recover from training is significantly compromised.

Full Strength’s fast, convenient, performance balance matrix of premium grade proteins, 3-step sustained release carbs and a the necessary essential fats deliver…. potent nutrients at the critical time, every time, following your training. Go here for post-training recipes.

On the Road: @ 33,000 Feet

Most airports are nutritional black holes, and even if you manage to find reasonable food, it’s pricey and not always convenient to take on a flight.

Airline food, flight delays, crowded terminals, bustling concourses, security lines and connecting flights all make Full Strength the natural choice when traveling.

The convenient Full Strength Blender Bottle is the perfect carry on companion to the Full Strength shake—just pick-up a cold bottle of water past security and a nourishing, guilt-free meal awaits you prior to take-off or as mid-air refueling like no other.

“I love my Full Strength Blender Bottle. It makes the perfect shake super easy at home, on the job or when I’m on the road.” ~ Mark S.

How to get the most out of your Full Strength refueling? Enjoy it as part of the “Shake Break” — it’s something special that you’ll want to bring to every shake…


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