Dieting is Kryptonite to a Man

Dieting Destroys Lean Muscle

Your energy evaporates, mind fogs and confidence crashes. You’re hammering your manhood, vitality and life.

Dieting is about less: Less food, less energy, less you.

You don’t want LESS. You want MORE!

More time, more energy, more strength, more freedom!

Full Strength is “more nutrition” that nourishes your body, inside out, providing more sustained energy per calorie than any other food. As a result, you’re more satisfied, longer and that means you eat less food.

Frees You from Diets and Clears the Cravings

Your body is intelligent, cravings are not. Your body knows what it needs and seeks the vital nutrients to stay strong, healthy and flowing with energy.

Unfortunately, through decades of misguided eating, our mind’s wires get crossed. What originates as need for vital nutrients to stay healthy and strong is converted through the conditioned mind into a “craving.” Thus, your body says, “I want a vitamin-A rich carrot!” and you stand up, walk towards the kitchen and insert a cookie.

By teaching you to deny the craving, and fight your body’s instinctive desire for vital nutrition, diets fail you.

Diets rely on discipline from your “higher mind” to control cravings and desires that generally arise from the lower reaches of the mind. The problem with this is that your body does not have cravings, it has nutritional needs. Your unconscious mind does not know the difference between destructive cravings and the true need for vital, life giving nutrition. This is why you may find yourself in a “life & death” struggle with a doughnut.

Don’t fight cravings. Feed your body nutrient rich.

Intentionally feeding your body with nutrient rich, life-enhancing foods that feel great, fulfilling your most minute nutritional needs, is how you “fall in love with foods that are great for you” and enhance your life.

The End of the Energy Zapping, Dieting Trap!

Next time you get a craving for a burger, fries and a coke, or worse, try fueling your body with an fully integrated, balanced Full Strength nutrition shake.

Within minutes, you’ll feel the surge of energy, a boost in focus and those once powerful cravings, vanished. Like they never existed.

Why? Because you hit the sweet spot of what your body really, truly needed. You turned off the “trigger,” properly reacted to the signal. It’s that simple.

When your body receives a full serving of healthy, balanced proteins, carbs and essential fats along with essential vitamins and minerals the intelligent signal which you mis-interpreted as “get me a double-double, NOW” shuts off – suddenly it’s quiet inside.

You’re hitting the perfect “Nutritional Bulls-Eye” every time with Full Strength. It’s easy, simple and on target every time.

In this moment, you’ve exercised strength, rather than feeding cravings. Each time you become stronger and the cravings become weaker and weaker… Every time you choose to fuel your body with intelligent nutrition you take a step towards freedom, towards a life of strength, energy and vitality.

Lose Fat Drinking A Shake That
Tastes Like Real Ice Cream!

“How can a nutrition shake as delicious as Full Strength possibly help me dissolve unwanted body fat?” It’s such a decadent treat it can baffle your senses when you first begin to see your body getting leaner and leaner.

You’ve got to look beyond the promise of fat-loss supplements, to the fundamental truth of how your body burns fat, to see the many ways in which Full Strength supports healthy, lasting weight-loss.

  • First, it provides the highest quality of protein crucial to stimulating a strong metabolism. Not only does protein increase calorie burning muscle mass, it is the most thermogenic major nutrient you can consume – which directly signals your body to increase metabolism. The higher your metabolism, the more calories you burn—with or without exercise—every day.

  • Second, the precise nutrient matrix of the Performance Balance Technology helps to completely eliminate disastrous insulin spikes. You probably already know that insulin is “the fat storage hormone.” The lower your insulin levels, the less fat you store, and the more fat you will burn for energy.

  • Third, defying all logic, the fully integrated formula in each Full Strength® has proven to consistently obliterate hunger and cravings for up to four hours – with only 300 calories. Think about it this way, one Full Strength® has 30 less calories than a single, small McDonald’s cheeseburger; no fries, no coke. How long do you think that little disk would really keep you “happy?” Half an hour at best?

Full Strength’s unique “sustained satisfaction formula” gives you hours of freedom—freedom from hunger, from cravings for sweet snacks… You’ll sail through your afternoon with energy and focused on the job at hand, craving and hunger free.

Effortlessly Control Your Calories

Each serving of Full Strength comes in beautiful, easy opening, perfectly prescribed portions offering you freedom from the need for constant discipline and concern about calories. You can be assured you nailed it every time. It’s the same calories, the prefect delivery of protein, carbs and essential nutrients every time. No guess work. And Full Strength delivers more sustained energy per calorie than most any food on the planet.

That means, fewer calories, more nutrition and ample energy. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Full Strength may well be the most reliably satisfying food you will ever eat.

Get 2-Weeks On Me & Be set Free

Still not convinced? Great, discover the truth yourself—take the Full Strength 12 Day ReBOOT Challenge. Enjoy one Full Strength® shake each day for 12 days and if it doesn’t do everything I say it can, if it doesn’t give you hunger free, energized and focused, hours I’ll give you 100% of your money back! No risk whatsoever. That’s how confident I am.

There is no better, truer experience of what Full Strength can do for your body and life than the 12 Day ReBOOT. For while Full Strength® tastes amazing and feels great immediately, it at about the 10 day point when your body begins to feel the full, compounding effect of Full Strength®. It’s a momentum that builds, getting better and better, each day. Go 12-Strong Now with the 12-Day ReBOOT.

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