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What Men Are Saying About 14-Day Full Strength Challenge

"The 14-Day Full Strength Challenge made such a profound impact in my life. Don’t make the mistake I made of waiting two years to feel this great. I dropped weight, added vital energy and feel 10 years younger"
— Troy S., Denver, CO

"Full Strength has completely changed my life. I feel so much better on a daily basis—and not as good on the days when I have not been able to get my hands on that small miracle packet."
— Sterling S., East Glacier Park, MT

"After 47 years on the planet I feel like I’ve found nutrition."
— Darryl H., Vienna, VA

"Full Strength starts my day unlike anything else"
— Kelly H., Greenwood, SC

"As an owner of a small technology business, focus is critical to me. Only 7 days into the 2 weeks and I’m getting more done by 2 pm than I was last week by 10 pm! I’m more energized and eating better at
every meal."
— Jeff B., Golden CO

"I’m on day 12 of the 14 days and my Doc says I’m down 11.8 lbs in fat and up 3.1 in muscle! At age 52 I’ve been trying for 10 years to reverse this trend and in 12 days I feel 20 years younger!"
— Dan L., Red Bank, New Jersey

"I feel better after drinking a Full Strength than I do after eating a meal. After almost 2 years of using it I still like the taste."
— Ron H., Tracy, CA

"Full Strength keeps me from overeating and keeps me energized
for hours."
— Steve M., Chicago, IL

"I eat breakfast because Full Strength is convenient. This usually gives me a lot more energy during the day and keeps me from eating the crap in the vending machine."
— Brian B., Ellicott City, MD

"The most delicious satisfying shake ever…I fully enjoyed and savored every single sip just as I would a fine vintage glass of wine"
— Kevin W., Wayne, NJ

"This food gives me A MORE POWERFUL WILL AND FOCUS."
— David W.

"Full Strength keeps me from overeating and helps me focus."
— Debby P.

"I truly feel great after I drink Full Strength. It smoothes out my blood sugar, lets me concentrate and I have more energy as a result."
— Joel B.

"Just wanted to say that I finished the 14 Day Reboot and absolutely love Full Strength.

Only problem is my girlfriend is now hooked on it as well and decided that she wanted to take the shaker bottle to work–with her own 14 day supply of vanilla.

We just ordered 3x additional boxes. Is there any way we can buy another shaker bottle, so I don’t have to go hungry after pushing Full Strength onto a new (and very excited) customer who vows to eat a breakfast of Full Strength instead of just coffee?"
— Darien K.
Santa Clara, CA


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