The 5 Minute Reboot for Body, Mind and Soul

Strong Like Water

The Shake Breakis a simple, eloquent way to powerfully and permanently transform your relationship with food and energy for life.

Part mindfulness practice, part meditation with affirmation, gratitude and abundance all rolled in, The Shake Break is the antidote to unconscious consumption; a ritual that nourishes and satisfies your body, mind and soul.

When you eat on the run, paying attention to everything but what you’re eating, neither you body or mind can be truly satisfied regardless of what your eating. The Shake Break is the end to “mindless eating.” It’s how you connect the dots between fueling great an feeling great.

Because even great nutrition is not enough if “You” are not there.

Imagine enjoying 5 minutes of truly 100% “you” time, calm, centered, present and relaxed; tuning in to the positive energies in the world, all that’s good in your life, thus easing the tension and stress. It’s like a daily oasis of energy and confidence.

The Art & Science of “The Shake Break”

Whether you begin your day with a Full Strength, enjoy if for lunch, or between meals, the best way to fully enjoy a Full Strength is by wrapping it in a Shake Break. It’s a brief, powerful pause in your day which restores you body and mind.

The step before step 1 below is to plan ahead, to know where you’re going to break and do it. That’s another powerful anchor of success.

Your Shake Break – 3 Easy Steps


Blend a Perfect Full Strength® Shake

Following the directions on the back of the Full Strength packet, using 16 oz. cold water along with the 4 ice cubes. And feel free to experiment with more or less water and ice to get the consistency that’s right for you. (Personally, I prefer to use 14 oz. of cold water rather than the 16 on advised on the pack.) Blend until smooth and creamy in your electric blender (preferably in the BMW of blenders, the BlendTec), pour Full Strength® into a glass (yes, a real glass or mug because you both deserve it), sit back and prepare for resurrection.


Own The Present Moment

Whether you’re starting your day with Full Strength® or enjoying it for lunch of an afternoon boost, your Shake Break is your time. Own it. To give yourself 5-minutes of “me time,” without interruptions or the dreaded multi-tasking, is not too much to ask in a world where you invest almost every walking moment giving yourself to. It can be challenging at first but you must get that “giving yourself 5” is not “taking” from anyone else. It’s a gift for you that truly gives to others.

At home in the am, turn the iPhone or blackberry off. Put down the paper. Step away from the computer and stop, for these few minutes, rushing yourself or the kids around the house. At the office: take some space, turn off or get away from your phone and computer. Eliminate the distractions that disrupt and steal your attention.


Enjoy the Moment(s)!

With your Full Strength® shake in hand, ready for your enjoyment; sit back, inhale deeply and exhale, clear your mind, feel your feet on the floor. Then with a clear mind, calm energy and grounded body, take your first drink. Holding this present moment space as you thoughtfully enjoy your Full Strength shake from start to end.

Focus your attention on the sensations of tasting and drinking Full Strength®.

Even pay attention to how your glass feels in your hand and the sensations of each breath as you inhale and exhale. Your mind is going to wander to tasks, responsibilities and various dramas but give your mind a break from these for the next 5 minutes and keep bringing your attention back to the sensations of the moment, relaxing into your chair and breathing effortlessly.

That’s all there is to it. At first read this may sound like “a process” but it requires only the five minutes time, no more. Do it a few times and it’ll become second nature, the way you always enjoy a Full Strength. To do so will help you create a “resource” anchor of Full Strength, such that each time you enjoy the nourishment for your body and mind you’re also focusing your mind, taking back control in your life and grounding in a brief but powerful meditation practice.

Repeat this awakening meditation for just 14 days and you’ll begin to notice a significant difference in your energy, presence and overall awareness of your body, mind and life. It opens one to the true freedom from the reactive life that is one of the hallmarks of meditation.

And because Full Strength is a “higher level” product, grounded in the pursuit of freedom and awareness, it empowers the meditation as the mediation of the Shake Break supports its power in your body-mind.

That’s it! Enjoy your break and dive back into your day refueled and reinvigorated.

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