Protein a Smart Move for Troops with Brain Injury

Bringing Troops Home Alive & Awake

A NEW report from the Institute of Medicine (IoM) ‘strongly supports’ the use of protein for military personnel with severe traumatic brain injury; says a report in

The IoM report emphasizes the importance of nutrition, not only to augment overall defensive mechanisms against the effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI), “but also as post injury treatment to lessen the acute and sub-acute effects of TBI.”

The report backs the provision of adequate protein and calories immediately after trauma, and through the first two weeks of treatment, for military personnel with traumatic brain injury.

“Based on recent meta-analyses showing that mortality and morbidity of TBI patients are improved by early feeding, the committee strongly supports the provision of energy and protein to patients with severe TBI early after injury,” stated the report.

“This important recommendation should be implemented immediately and will achieve significant positive outcomes by reducing the inflammatory response, which is likely to be at its height during the first two weeks after the injury.”

Read the Full Report here.

What This Means To You

This is further evidence of the far-reaching role that proteins play in your body. It’s far too easy and simple to get caught in the limited mindset that “protein is for muscles.” And that’s it.

When in reality protein is of “prime importance” for life–for every cell in your body. It’s ability to strengthen cells from the inside out makes protein JOB #1 in my book—literally.

Sure, it can help you build lean, strong muscles but it’s also vital for lifting and strengthening your skin, joints and hair. I’ve seen amazing results for people who have undergone all sorts of surgeries and used protein. Including cosmetic for the extra protein can strengthen and give great firmness and elasticity to skin. This makes it easy for a doctor to work on, stitch and it then heals faster and better.

As for protein and your brain… clearly, if it’s this pronounced in the cases of severe brain trauma I’d be quick to believe protein can support a well brain. And certainly will be quick to fuel brain healing whenever me or my kids take one to the noggin.

Here’s to your Body and Mind @ FULL Strength!

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