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Can I strength train and do my cardio on the same day? If so, what should I do first?

A long-term sustainable plan to optimize your training, and keep you from cannibalizing the very lean muscle you’re trying to build, will have you focusing on either strength or cardio on any given day.

Whenever you double dip by doing both on the same day, you’re going to lose some impact. It’s often times difficult to maintain the level of intensity necessary to achieve your desired results.

Yet, should you choose to stack these two as a time-saving measure, you should do your strength training first.

Why? Because strength training calls on the availability of the fast-acting fuel glycogen. If you do your cardio first you’ll burn up much of the available glycogen leaving your muscles weaker and less able to reach peak intensity in your strength training.

Another upside to this order is that strength training utilizes much of the glycogen most readily available, thus requiring the following cardio session to draw upon other fuel for creating more energy—and much of this energy may come from fat stores.

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