Q: I tried my sample of Full Strength and it tastes great, but I am a bit concerned that it has 300 calories and 25g of carbs, isn’t that alot?


Full Strength is built as a complete balanced meal, packing more nutritional value in less calories than a whole food meal. And it’s designed to taste great—as it sounds like you’ve discovered.

At only 300 calories, Full Strength delivers a gratifying experience delivering more than 3, 4 up to 5 hours of satiety and overall satisfaction in just one shake. Many comment on the immediate sensation – “an amazing feeling of alertness 15 minutes after consuming my morning shake”, still others appreciate “the hours of focus, lasting energy and satiety.”

Think: Less calories—more nutrition.

Full Strength takes you longer, stronger than a whole food meal…Check out this short video with Shawn and Doctor Tom which explains exactly how Full Strength works:

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