The Full Strength No-Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee on your purchase price for The 12 Day ReBOOT is just that, absolute insurance that you are free to experience the phenomenal Strength of the 12 Day ReBOOT without risk.

Should you be one of the rare few to take advantage of the Guarantee, the full details:

As you engage your 12-Day ReBOOT know there is but one condition that you absolutely, positively must meet before you can even begin to gauge your success.

Your One Requirement: You must enjoy at least one Full Strength shake each day for 12 consecutive days. Not for 11 days or 4 in a row and one off. For 12 Days in a row.

To request a refund, here’s all you have to do: Simply write on the receipt that came with your Full Strength, or on this guarantee, “Shawn, I’m just not feeling it!” Then tear out and include any 3 random days of your Nutrition Trackers from your journal (which show your commitment to the 12-Day ReBOOT) and mail them back to me at the address below. Do this within the 6 days following the completion of your 12-Day ReBOOT. Any further experiences or thoughts you’d like to share are greatly appreciated.

ATTN: 12-Day Exit
Full Strength Nutrition
651 Corporate Circle
Suite 204 A
Golden, Colorado 80401

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