Selenium may reduce prostate cancer risk [study]

In a recent study, researchers found that supplementation with selenium glycinate may reduce the levels of key markers for the risk of prostate cancer.

Our bodies use the trace mineral selenium to create “glutathione peroxidase.” This accounts for its powerful antioxidant properties, which support healthy immune functioning and may help explain why it’s able to help fight off a variety of diseases and even protect cells from deterioration and aging.

In fact, low soil levels of selenium have actually been associated with higher cancer rates, and soil rich in selenium leads to a below-average rate for a number of cancers. Certainly, there are no coincidences here.
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The research, published in Nutrition Research, suggests that selenium glycinate supplementation gave changes consistent with improved selenium functional status and lowered prostate cancer risk in a group of 30 middle-aged US men.

“If selenium could lower PSA [prostate-specific antigen] in healthy, middle-aged men, then it could be proposed that selenium can lower prostate cancer risk in some men, especially as part of an overall dietary plan,” said the authors, led by senior author Dr Robert DiSilvestro, from the Department of Human Nutrition, at Ohio State.

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