Top 10 Reasons to Enjoy Full Strength

While enjoying the freedom, clarity and energy Full Strength provides is easy, taking the first step towards any change is not.

Thus, in the interest of making this one easy as it will be rewarding, live from our home office in Golden, CO, here are The Top 10 Reasons to discover The World’s First Performance Fast Food:


Perfect Portion-Control Every Time

Full Strength is a portion-controlled 300 calorie balanced meal that comes prepackaged in individual servings. It lifts you up and keeps you going longer and stronger than most whole food meals with three to four times the calories.

# 9

More Nutrition, Less Food

Full Strength is the first and only meal-replacement shake intentionally engineered to out-perform most whole foods in providing superior nutrition, sustained energy and lasting satisfaction. It's not just a protein delivery mechanism–it's a complete and balanced nutritious meal.

# 8

As Quick & Easy as it is Delicious

Full Strength delivers hours of energy and freedom from hunger with less than 5 minutes prep and consumption time. Tear open the packet, blend with water and ice, enjoy!

# 7

Instant Pleasure, Satisfaction That Lasts

Unlike even the healthiest, whole food meal which diverts your crucial energy reserves to digestion and storage, leaving you feeling sleepy, Full Strength is designed to provide an instant upsurge of vital nutrients to your mind and body–boosting your focus and keeping you going strong for up to four hours. Two delicious flavors, chocolate and vanilla, offer uncompromised taste, texture and aroma.

# 6

Hours of Energy and Freedom from Hunger

Full Strength delivers the highest quality essential life-enhancing nutrients in the proper proportions to fuel the body and brain for optimal performance. As a result "Full Strengthers" are able to increase their time spent alert, focused and on task without distractions from cravings, drowsiness and distractibility (all byproducts of undernourishment and unbalanced eating). Full Strength fits a busy life and starts any day off strong.

# 5

University Science Research Proven Results

By adding just one Full Strength premium nutrition shake daily, people are able to alter their body composition, enhance their health, feel more stable, enjoy higher levels of energy, and reduce calorie intake while eating better foods all day long, effortlessly.

In comparison to exercise alone; effortlessly, without dieting, a published University Study* shows Full Strength delivers:

  • 83% Greater Weight Loss
  • 59% Greater Fat Loss
  • 50% Greater Muscle Gain
  • 65% Greater Drop in Cholesterol
  • 44% Greater Energy Gain

*Findings from "The Oklahoma Study"
To read the full scientific published journal article Download it HERE

# 4

Add Hours to Your Day, Get More Done

Full Strength is an integrated meal providing hours of excellence to consumers with a few minutes of preparation time. Full Strength on average is prepared in just under 2 minutes.

Within minutes of enjoying a delicious Full Strength you're ability to stay on task is much greater, and within minutes you're back on task, and stronger. By offering greatly increased productivity, sustained energy, laser-like focus for up to four full hours following a fast-delicious "re-fueling," Full Strength is a source of freedom.

Strong of body and mind, focused and craving free, Full Strength fuels you fast, keeps you going strong all day so you can do more, be more and live more.

# 3

It's Where You Need to Be When You Need it

Full Strength is for those who struggle to make the time to eat right or who want to enjoy one meal a day free from the constant battle to make the right, healthy food choices but ultimately, the reason most people embrace Full Strength as a part of lifestyle is that they are simply ready to feel great again, all day every day.

Using a Full Strength Blender Bottle or conventional blender, Full Strength is easy to prepare at home, on the job or when travelling.

# 2

Save Your Hard Earned Money

Full Strength is the most economical balanced meal available. One serving costs less than a "fast-food" meal. Nowhere else can you get a performance balanced meal designed to elevate your performance for less than $5. Full Strength also provides longer lasting satiety than conventional foods, thus saving money commonly spent on snacks, sodas, coffee and other short term solutions for energy slumps that result from insulin spikes and crashes common with many foods, snacks and beverages.

# 1

Nourishes Your Success in Every Dimension

Full Strength is specifically built to nourish the demands of body and mind for those who have the most demands placed upon them. Full Strength is high performance nutrition for the high achiever.

The daily Full Strength shake ritual energizes your body, sharpens your mind and keep you going strong all day long. It's like a daily booster of confidence and potential that bends life to your favor.

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