Building the Better Man

Men, enjoying even a great life, face constant challenge. Conditioned to self-sacrifice, we go, go, go until we drop.

A depleted, “sacrificed” man is not an asset to anyone he is seeking to serve, least of all himself.

It’s time you want but energy you need , as energy is the currency of life.

You don’t need some “made-for-TV,” reality show life-makeover. You just need to turn-on some mo—mojo and momentum to start bending life in your favor.

And for the man in demand there’s no better, faster and more empowering way to wake up your mind, invigorate your body and get life bending in your favor than a delicious, nutritious Full Strength premium nutrition shake, daily.

To your taste buds it’s a treat, to your body and mind, it’s ray of light after a long night of dark, an abundance of balanced nutrition that envelops and enlivens each cell of your body.

Slash Your Fat, Add Lean Muscle
& Boost All Day Energy

University Clinically-proven to eliminate bodyfat, amplify lean muscle, enhance total energy and encourage optimal health, Full Strength is the true definition of a “Super-Food” in that is makes you Super.

The exclusive Performance Balance Technology is the “secret inside” that is responsible for the perfect release of nutrients and energy that promote insulin stability and sustain energy for hours.

Stable insulin levels means blood sugar is also at healthy, positive levels. And the more that is understood about not just fat loss and energy but optimal living and life extension, the more all signs point to steady, stable insulin levels.

It’s this healthy, fat-burning insulin levels that prompted the frequent meals—eating 5 or 6 times a day—movement.

The sustaining power of even just one Full Strength shake in the morning can set you up for success all day long. Within minutes of enjoying a delicious Full Strength your you’re back in the game, focused and going strong. So strong and steady in fact that you may get the benefits of 5 meals, when eating only 3 or 4. It’s that sustaining.

What this means is more energy, less calories, more nutrition and less food. You spend less time managing your nutrition, chasing and thinking about food and more time living. It’s the formula for strength, energy and freedom.

More Time and More Energy, Fast

As a convenient, nutritious meal, Full Strength can save you more than an hour a day compared to rushing out for a "fast" lunch. The "real time" you gain will be a bonus as the most dramatic impact is in the way Full Strength accelerates your energy and focus.

Full Strength is freedom, strength and energy for a man.

Within minutes of enjoying a delicious Full Strength your ability to stay on task is significantly greater and you’re back in the game, focused and going strong.

Become Much More Awake, Instantly

In contrast to a typical healthy meal, which releases a day’s worth of carbohydrates into your body faster than you can say, "no foam venti latte, please" Full Strength is designed to immediately enhance your concentration by fueling your brain with powerful neurotransmitter precursors, including the amino acid L-tyrosine, which is the raw fuel for dopamine, the master neurotransmitter for focus and drive.

This is the source of the instantly invigorating feeling that Full Strength-ers so commonly report–often described as a "tingling sensation behind my ears" or a "special sense of alertness."

Build a Smarter, Stronger, Slimmer You

In addition to supporting brain function, increasing mental focus, sustaining energy, and supporting the life of every cell in the body, the proteins in Full Strength have been shown to be highly effective in supporting healthy weight loss. Even if you can’t remember the last time you saw a dumbbell—let alone the inside of a gym—your body needs protein to:

5 Ways Protein Makes You Better

  • Supports the Creation of Lean, Fat-Burning Muscle
  • Fuel for the Creation of All Neurotransmitters
  • Helps Your Brain Stay Focused and Firing on All Cylinders
  • Lasting Satiety Encourages Healthy Weight Loss
  • Supports the Health and Strength of your immune system and every cell in your body

Promote Heart Health and Robust Arteries

The nutrient rich integrated formula of Full Strength may support a healthy heart and arteries. Among its heart-healthy ingredients are oat beta-d-glucans, widely recognized as the component of oats that supports heart and cardiovascular health.

Recognized mainly for its ability to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, oat beta-d-glucans can also reduce post-meal insulin spikes up to 50 percent, which may inhibit fat accumulation. We also know that cholesterol levels and more importantly heart health are most negatively impacted by high-insulin levels, and blood-sugar swings. Which Full Strength has mastered.

Full Strength also provides 50% or more of 20 essential vitamins and minerals.

Six of these: niacin, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C and beta carotene are recommended by the prestigious Mayo Clinic to help keep heart disease at bay.

Healthy Digestion Boosts Immunity

Anyone who’s ever suffered from debilitating digestive problem knows how much it can impact your quality of life. Your health all begins in your gut, literally. In fact recent science has correlated obesity directly with gut-health and certain bacteria.

In the development of Full Strength we were anal about digestive health. Including more probiotics than in two Greek yogurts, along with six-grams of fiber and a mega-dose of L-Gluatmine, the most abundant amino acid in the gut make Full Strength a natural supporter to a healthy gut.

A healthy gut encouraged by Full Strength may increase absorption of nutrients, aid in the removal of byproducts that produce gas and bloating. They also support a healthy, strong immune function.

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