Grade-A Nutrition for the Type-A Man

The most successful people in the world get more done, in less time, than the best of the rest.

Until they don’t… for there comes a day that they won’t.

The hardest drivers tend to be over-stressed, under-nourished and over-fed. Their stress hormones sky-rocket, belly-fat escalates, testosterone crashes—all which combine to produce a false sense of age and fatigue. Leaving you looking older and feeling older than age.

This struggle is much more common than most know. Good news is, with a few simple moves in your life, you can start looking and feeling younger, stronger and more energized every day.

The complete and balanced nutrition in, Full Strength, is the world’s finest complete nutrition shake super-charges a hard-charger’s day.

Just one Full Strength shake today can start turning the tide, correcting the deficits, reclaiming your energy and putting you back on top, in control of your body and life.

The daily Full Strength ritual can effortlessly strip “padding” from the midsection, adding lean muscle and strength to the right places you’ll feel and people will notice.

The NEW Shape of Your Life

If you’re a man in your early 30’s, 40’s or beyond, as you read these words your body is quietly stockpiling fat, divesting lean muscle, your strength and energy plummeting like the stock market recession.

As a man, by the time you even consider the demise of your body and loss of prime, the decline has been gaining momentum for a full decade.

Are you needlessly tolerating any of these symptoms?

False Symptoms of a Man’s Age…

  • Gradual weight gain, especially around the midsection
  • Drop in energy levels after lunch or late afternoons
  • Frequent cravings for snacks, sweets or other junk food
  • A disappointing or declining sex life
  • A reliance on coffee to get you going and keep you going
  • Lack of energy to share when you get home
  • You feel like you’ve aged 3 years in the last 19 months

If you’ve been needlessly tolerating any of these side effects of a busy life, you can stop now. I’m sure you agree this is a price you do not want to pay.

Please promise me you won’t.

The reality is that these symptoms of the self-diagnosed disease called “aging” are most likely the result the physical, mental and emotional fatigue of a demanding life; being over-worked, over-stressed, over-tired, over-fed and yet under-nourished.

When you disrespect your body this way, your energy evaporates, mind fogs and confidence crashes. You’re not just setting yourself back for the day; you’re hammering your manhood, vitality and life.

Having come through the frightening experience of waking up forty, I’m here to report back and assure you that you can stop the slide and start growing younger, stronger and leaner every day.

Grow Leaner, Younger, Stronger Every Day

Regardless of what you’ve been led to believe, you do have a choice. You can go along with the herd, blindly accepting “aging” as the cause of your body’s unraveling. Or you can accept this invitation as your opportunity to choose a future more brilliant than your past—a life that others will envy.

Get your energy back, restore your balance and body, regain your strength and vitality, drop a few excess pounds and reawaken your drive for life, from the inside out. You can do this simply, safely and quickly without dangerous drugs or medical intervention.

Next to water, air, and the sun; nothing is more important to a high-energy, quality life than the nutrition that food provides.

Nothing compares to the vibrant energy and strength that flows through you when you properly nourish your body and mind. Nourishment is the purpose of food—it means “the sustenance required to live, grow, and remain fit.”

Nutrient rich food is fuel for life. Your path to a stronger, leaner body and a more energized life begins with rock-solid nutrition.

Gentlemen I give you, Full Strength:The delicious, balanced nutrient rich shake that fuels your strength, eliminates body fat, saves you time, adds hours to your day and vibrant energy to your life. It’s not a “protein supplement,” but rather a premium nutrition scientifically proven to alter body composition without dieting.

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