The Evolution of Nutrition

It Was Born on the Sunset Strip in West L.A.

As devastating as it was for me to lose my most reliable nutrition "secret weapon" and feel the sliding of a brand that I’d all but tattooed on my ass, I was not alone. Countless friends, clients, colleagues and even strangers approached me with similar stories about the decline of their shake.

At the same time I began to realize that not only had the landscape of nutrition shakes changed, but so did my nutritional needs.

Now, in my 40’s, I recognized a common trait shared by many successful men—nutrition is about much more than six-pack abs, bulging biceps, all day training sessions and performance on the field. At some point we all leave the playing field, yet our performance requirements never cease.

Our lives are richer, fuller and more demanding than ever before, requiring more than a hyped-up, "muscle making" protein drink—the standard fare out there.

As is often the case, something great was to come from this.

My inspiration was clear: If there’s no nutrition shake that fuels my mental and physical energy, leaves me feeling strong, free and satisfied for hours and tastes like melted ice cream, then I’ll create one.

The $5 Shake Project

Pulp Fiction inspired… I began developing the “best shake in the world, at any price!” project which quickly earned the title, “The $5 Shake” project…

…., propelled by obsession, relying on my decades of experience in nutrition innovation, I set out on a mission to create the perfect nutrition for my evolving, demanding lifestyle. Something I’d be proud to share with my inner circle.

It wasn’t easy.

I expected it to take three, maybe four months. It took about four times that and more than I care to mention in development costs to achieve that vision. Along the way I cut no corners.

The result is the next-generation in nutrition shakes, a super-food—Full Strength. Beyond the enhanced protein shake to what is more a complete meal, designed to vitally nourish and outperform whole foods.

This isn’t some dime-store nutrition shake, it’s the only one strong and robust enough to be called Full Strength.

Thus the creation of the Full Strength shake was personal. I was being down-right selfish and yet wonderfully on purpose.

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