When Purpose and Passion Align

A world-renowned ambassador of Transformation and optimal-living, Shawn is a leading visionary and better than twenty year contributor to the field of human performance, training, nutrition and mindset.

A best-selling author, entrepreneur, and respected expert the depth of Shawn’s contributions over the past two decades are impressive and continue to evolve. Unlike so many in the "fitness" field who offer "the way" to a better body, Shawn embraces the whole person, from the inside out and encourages a stronger, fitter, higher energy body and mind in the service of a more vibrant life.

Co-founder of the EAS, which was at the time the largest performance nutrition company in the world, Shawn is author of two break-through bestselling books, Strength for Life: The Fitness Plan for the Best of Your Life, ABSolution: The Practical Guide to Building Your Best Abs.

He has also written hundreds of magazine articles, appeared on over 50 magazine covers and has some of the world’s most photographed abs.

Shawn is the creator of Focus Intensity Training®, a practice which integrates the depth of Eastern traditions with the form and function of strength training; by synchronizing body and mind in a peak focus state, results and enjoyment are improved.

In alignment with his current focus of helping men in "the middle third of life" enjoy freer, clearer, more robust lives; Shawn created the Full Strength Premium Nutrition Shake, a nutrient-rich life performance food clinically proven to cut fat, add precious lean muscle and increase energy.

Shawn and his wife Angie, live in the foothills west of Denver, Colorado with their two children, ages 3 and 7 and usually a herd of deer or elk in their yard.

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