The New Microwave

If you have memories of the 1970s that don’t come from TV, you may recall when the microwave oven became a fixture in U.S. homes. This “space-age” device was to revolutionize the way we eat, making delicious meals more convenient than ever.

Over three decades later, the most excitement the microwave has delivered is a few sparks when accidentally placing foil in it! As for food, it’s become a glorified, over-sized toaster.

I’m not suggesting you trash your reheating devices but rather consider that the most versatile appliance—the one that can have the greatest impact on your strength and vitality could be stored in your cupboards right now. I’m talking about the most frequently used appliance in our kitchen: The Blender.

Today’s modern, high-capacity blenders are amazingly versatile appliances capable of delivering high quality nutrition quickly. One of the reasons I’ve become so blender savvy is that I use them to make delicious Full Strength Nutrition shakes every day. As you move up from the run of the mill blenders, the things you can do with them become ever more impressive.

Of course being the blender aficionado that I am—I don’t have just any blender. I’ve upgraded to the Ferrari of blenders, also known as the Blendtec® Total Blender. It’s the very same single-push button, auto-programmed, mixing hot-rod blender you see behind the counters at Starbucks and many smoothie joints.

See it in Action here:

I kid you not, this machine It delivers fast, convenient and wholesome food in moments. Toss in a load of fresh vegetables, push the button, and you can make soup in less than two minutes. You can even make your own peanut or almond butter and much more.

If you’re one of those people whose parents passed down the myth that blenders should be hidden away after use like small fire arms, you can stop it already. Put your blender where it belongs: smack dab in the center of your counter-top.

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