Nutrient-Rich, Every Time

Full Strength is the first and only “meal-replacement” that isn’t. Because it is food, not a “supplement”—check the [Nutrition Facts] on the side of the box.

More than a “protein delivery mechanism,” it’s a complete and balanced nutritious meal—a meal that also outperforms most muscle building, fat-loss and health supplements.

It’s like the Swiss Army knife of nutrition; quality, reliable and damned handy to have around.

Full Strength is intentionally engineered to out-perform most whole foods in providing superior nutrition, extended energy and lasting satisfaction.

Less food, More nutrition.

Full Strength tastes like an amazing real milk-shake, nourishes better and longer than most perfect whole food meals, and can transform your body, mind and energy like magic.

Nourishes Like Whole Foods,
Performs Like a Supplement

Unlike even the healthiest, whole food meal which diverts crucial energy reserves to digestion and storage, leaving you feeling sleepy, Full Strength provides an instant upsurge of key nutrients to your mind and body—boosting your focus and backs it up with the nutrition to keep you go-strong all day long.

The proprietary formula features the copyright protected Performance Balance Technology: a nearly perfect balance of specific macro and micro nutrients for a synergistic mind and body response.

While the superior quality and quantity of ingredients make Full Strength premium, it’s the precise integration of them that make it work the sort of transformative magic witnessed in The Oklahoma Study: Including 50% more muscle, 83% greater weight loss and 44% greater Vo2 Max, among others.

Full Strength is greater than the sum of its ingredients.

Full Strength provides your body with a highly nutritious, portion-controlled meal that lifts you up and keeps you going strong, longer than most whole food meals with three and a half times the calories. By offering you over four hours of sustained energy and focus, Full Strength is productivity and freedom for the high-achieving man.

Full Strength Lifts You Up and
Keeps You Soaring

Basking in the surge of energy and the oft experienced “tingling behind the ears,” the best proteins known to man–the coveted “white gold” proprietary cross-filtered chilled whey protein isolate–begin to rush through your body further supporting your brain-power as they begin their job of strengthening nearly every cell in your body.

Then, with the precision of an Apollo launch, the steady release of the sustained release carbohydrate matrix engages. Rather than bull-rushing your body with carbohydrates, Full Strength gradually releases the vital and necessary energy now and later.

The initial wave of energy from 7 grams of fast-release carbs signals your brain “got energy!,” complimenting the focusing neurotransmitters with a “happy feeling.”  That’s closely followed in sequence by the medium-release carbs, which helps ensure your energy remains flowing and steady.

And then in rolls the primary source of energy, the precious slow and steady release carbs from the fiber rich heart of the oat which balances blood sugar and sustains your energy for hours and hours.

Finally, the essential omega fats come on to play a critical role in satiety. Making Full Strength the most intentionally and intelligently designed nutritional marvel ever created–one that elevates and nourishes your body, mind and soul with boundless authentic energy.

Protein For a Smarter, Stronger, Slimmer You

Protein, from the Greek word protas meaning “of primary importance,” is essential to the structure and function of every cell in your body, including regulation of metabolism. Life, chemically speaking, is nothing but the function of proteins. It’s not just about muscle building, it’s a life-enhancing and life-giving compound.

When you understand how Full Strength makes belly fat disappear, it may no longer be magic but the results still magical.

As the knowledge of the power of protein continues to grow, so does my contention that it is those who do not exercise regularly that most need protein. In addition to supporting brain function, increasing mental focus, sustaining energy, and supporting the life of every cell in the body, protein has been shown to be highly effective in supporting healthy weight loss.

Proteins Are #1 But Please,
This is More Than a “Protein Shake!”

The most surprising, hidden benefits you’ll feel from the premium quality proteins in Full Strength are a boost in energy and awareness and long lasting satiety (that means you’ll be free of hunger for hours). in fact the studies on the impact of whey protein and long lasting satiety are being published faster than Lotto tickets are sold in Omaha.

While I’m a pretty mild-tempered person there’s one thing that really gets my heated – consider this fair warning should we cross paths on the street. My pet-peeve is hearing people call Full Strength a “protein drink.” Oh, I know it’s an innocent, unintentional slip.

When you’ve poured your heart into an expression of excellence like I have Full Strength, when you set yourself apart from every meal-replacement protein supplement drink out there, it’s frustrating. The future of food is not going to be changed with a blast from the past, that’s why I am so driven to ensure that the world’s first Fast Performance Food stays out of the protein shake category – as it’s truly built to be a food, not a supplement.

Powered by Rolled Oats for That
Warm All Over Fuzzy Feeling

Beyond simply “good for you,” Full Strength is powered by one of the oldest and healthiest foods known to man, rolled oats! I’m not just talking about a bowl of oats from the canister with that well preserved Quaker guy on the front. While that would be great for you, albeit slightly crunchy, this is even better and more concentrated goodness.

Next time you cook up a bowl of oatmeal, look closely and you’ll see that in each oat there’s a soft center spot that’s almost see through. That’s the “heart of the oat” which holds the health key of the oat’s almost mystical power–the “magic” inside.

It’s this soft gel heart which is the rich source of healthy beta-glucan that is the primary source of energy sustaining carbs in Full Strength. This innovative fibrous carbohydrate enhances the fullness of Full Strength and is so rich in vital healthy nutrients. It’s like having three full bowls of oats in every shake.

Top Reasons Men Use Full Strength

  • To Lose Body Weight = 53%
  • To Add Lean Muscle = 72%
  • To Lose the Belly and Trim out = 58%
  • More Time & Freedom = 39%
  • More Total and Steady Energy = 53%
  • All of the above = 92%
  • “Other” = 26%

*Survey total adds up to more than 100%

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