The Best of the Best for the Best!

The Full Strength Premium Nutrition Shake is quite simply The World’s Greatest Total Nutrition Shake. That’s not bragging but simply a fact.

It’s the best premium grade ingredients in the best balance and integrated for the best results in your life, which is truly the part the matters.

The small batch, hand-built with masterful care with the precise amounts of the highest quality ingredients. An attention to quality, a passion generally reserved for artists and winemakers.

What makes it Full-Strength?

The absolute highest quality blend of macro and micro nutrients, synergistically engineered to up-regulate the human body.

Full Strength is greater than the sum of its ingredients.

Tru-Pro® Premium Active Protein Blend

The premium quality begins with the abundant protein, which is a unique blend of three premium proteins, featuring over 50% from the highest quality, vastly superior whey protein isolate (WPI)–a stark contrast to the “leading” nutrition shakes which lace a few grams of WPI for label dressing. Our whey protein is sourced using a very high-tech proprietary Cross-flow Filtration process, second to none. Instead of using destructive chemicals, our process sustains a more complete profile, with virtually no denatured proteins, a superior amino acid profile, more calcium, less sodium and higher bio-availability. This is the absolute best, purest, most complete and readily available source of protein with the most active compounds that support building muscle and overall cellular health. Tru-Pro also contains high quality whey concentrate and calcium casienate with a few grams of milk protein isolate for extra-satiety, and its enhanced texture and taste.

You’ll feel the difference this premium protein blend makes, immediately and over time.

Tru-Energy® Triple-Stage Low GI Sustained Energy

Yes, in some circles “carbs” has become a dirty word so let’s do what all the energy drink companies do and call them, “energy.” Now that’s better. But honestly, carbohydrates play an essential role in magical impact of Full Strength.

Unlike most “shakes” which use simple, sugar derived carbs or worse fillers, Full Strength’s patented Smooth Energy Release, three-chain release of carbs including a small bump of fast acting, a few more medium stage and the majority of the steady, slow release kind.

The carbs are an engineered blend of slow and medium accessing carbs for a low glycemic index and an effective energy release curve. Including a majority of carbs from a whole oats which provide a creamy mouth-feel and makes this a heart healthy product. There’s also 6 grams of fiber and 5 grams of glucose polymers for the immediate surge of energy.

The result is a stunningly stable and steady release of energy that sustains your energy and focus for as much as four hours. No spikes, no drops but rather a reliably smooth feeling that keeps hunger away for hours. That means longer, stronger energy, no fat storage and much greater fat burning.

It’s the Parts That Makes the Whole, and the Whole That Empowers the Parts

I designed Full Strength to support peak performance of the most elite of athletes – including and most notably the corporate athlete, like myself. It just so happens that what keeps me going strong, at my peak, is not altogether different that what supports the world’s greatest athletes.

I paid very special attention to the formulation of Tru-Pro™ Blend, the protein in Full Strength. It contains: Iso-chill Whey Protein Isolate: the highest quality, most potent protein available anywhere, ultra-high quality whey concentrate, slow releasing calcium caseinate, and milk protein isolate—the closest thing to native protein. This powerful blend is easily absorbed, and used very efficiently by your body.

I’ve also added a special ingredient called Aminogen Enzyme™ that boosts muscle-enhancing, amino acid absorption by 260 percent. Taurine and glutamine round out this perfect blend to further increase muscle growth and immune function.

That means major muscle growth, super-fast recovery and greater gains in strength after every workout. Which is terrific and ensure you’ll look great at the beach this summer – but really gets me going these days is the simple fact that muscles are the engine of youth!

Full Strength, as the packaging says, is designed to support a man’s peak performance which is why it includes the following:

      -12 gms of Glutamine


      - Selenium, zinc, magnesium


      - 500 mg of added taurine and tyrosine


      - Built in antioxidant blend


      - Probiotics for gut health


      - Aminogen enzyme


    - Chelated vitamin and mineral blends

Nothing about Full Strength is about being “good enough.” Excellence is the standard and this shakes delivers on my mission of taking the nutrition shake to the next level. Yes, we’re confined by the package to some degree but when it comes to how it tastes and feels, that’s where one knows this is a shake of a whole new order

Quality can be hard to put your finger on.

While most will get there difference in quality between an $80k Mercedes and a $18k Kia, quality tends to be more elusive with nutritional products.

What makes one product better than another? With vitamins and most supplements you’re ultimately left to rely on instinct and trust, choosing people or products you can believe in.

Full Strength is more than a vitamin, or even a performance supplement. An integrated food it’s impact is felt and far reaching. Sure, it contains vitamins, has ample probiotics, fiber, antioxidants and more than can support everything from muscle gain to fat-loss and cellular health to gut health, and more, but it’s quality is not left to your imagination.

Consider, for example, the difference between a fast-food burger and your best home-grilling burger. Both are of the same “category” but not at all the same “class.”

With Full Strength, the quality you taste, feel and most powerfully experience. It’s ability to satiate, energize and sustain is legendary and immediate. The elevation in real energy, the felt tingling behinds the ears which often accompanies the surge of cognitive fuel you’ll notice from just the 2-pack FREE Trial.

The 12-Day Proof

I’ll tell you what I tell every client and friend; the real test that you’ll see and really feel is the Full Strength is the 12Day ReBOOT: What one Full Strength Shake will do for you is great but when your body receives this balanced, total nourishment for 12 consecutive days things really begin to change.

It’s most often in the 10-12 day range when your body kicks-in gear and you get a lift in energy, focus and freedom from stress and cravings. It’s truly magical moment.

Ultimately, the only true test of quality is not what goes in but what you get out—for it’s solely your experience that matters.

That’s why I well tell you about the quality, share my passion, support the reasons why you can rely on me, but always come back to the truth which is, it’s up to you. Try it and you will see. Try them, try them. Odds are you’ll feel it and if you don’t, there’s zero risk to you with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

20 Years of Trust

I realize that no matter how loudly I scream, “Full Strength is the best quality!” I’m just adding to the noise as every other guy is screaming the same thing. That’s why I feel that your experience is the final truth teller.

Still, it helps for you to have a reason to believe even to do the trial. And arguably the best reason to believe may not the shake or the science itself but my name and reputation in the industry.

For nearly 20 years I’ve lived fitness and nutrition, and been a well known, reliable figure that delivers. I’ve helped to create several of the top companies, books and brands in health and nutrition, including EAS, Body for LIFE, ABSolution, Muscle Media and more…

So while I ask you to trust your experience, I’ll encourage you to lend me the confidence to try it, on my word.

No screaming, no flag waving, no one telling you what you’re supposed to feel. The truth is it all comes down to your experience.

Food Reconstructed

Quick, delicious, easy to prepare and enjoy in 5 minutes a day, Full Strength is “Food Reconstructed.” In contrast to the imbalanced, false nature of “deconstructed” foods, Full Strength contains a nearly perfect balance of the finest life strengthening protein, energy sustaining complex carbs and essential fats, with an array of vitamins, chelated minerals, fiber, probioitics, antioxidants, neurotropics, “man supporting” nutrients and more, in a single, easy and enjoyable shake meal.

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