Nutrition Shake vs. Protein Shake

Protein shake, meal replacement, supplement or nutrition shake.

It can be so confusing!

Fact is, most people have no earthly idea what a nutrition shake is or how it could impact their lives. For them “a nutrition shake” may conjure up images of either the “liquid Oreo in a can” equivalent, Slim-F_st, or a protein packed supplement for bodybuilders.

That’s not not Full Strength!

Still others hold the false belief that they’d have to be in an NFL training camp to benefit from the nutrition in a Full Strength. They may get the “enhancing performance” part but fail to consider their own performance demands. Yes, performance. As in “life performance.”

The Nutrition Shake Evolved

For better than 20 years I’ve helped to create some of the best performance supplements in the world. And I’ve used many to help me stay lean and strong. But the thing most people looking for faster fitness results miss, is that the quality of your nutrition is more important than all the edgy supplements you could ever take. That’s why a high-quality nutrition shake has always been at the center of my nutrition for health, fitness and strength.

Having helped launch some of the most successful nutrition shakes and meal-replacements in history, I’ve kept a keen eye on the market. When I reached my 40th birthday I knew it was time for my nutrition to grow up, so I wouldn’t have to. It was clear the the market for nutrition shakes was digression, moving back towards cheaper protein powders, not up to the future with more balanced, integrated foods.

The potential to create something truly revolutionary was there but the motivation completely lacking in everyone else but me. It’s the deliver on the possibility, to bring it from potential to reality that inspired the creation of Full Strength – the Nutrition Shake 2.0. The next, natural evolution.

Leveraging the wisdom of better than two decades at the top of performance nutrition, I’ve assembled only the finest quality ingredients in a break-through innovation, light years beyond a “muscle building protein shake” for a perfectly engineered meal that is clinically proven to help men get leaner, stronger, fitter, faster.

Evolution of The Nutrition Shake

Nutrition Shake 1.0 The Nutrition Shake 2.0
  • A Protein Delivery Tool
  • Supports a Good Body
  • Holds You Over Between Meals
  • Protein Rich
  • For Bodybuilders and Athletes
  • Adds Muscle
  • For a Stronger Body
  • Fueled Muscles
  • Protein, Carbs
  • Used Post Workout
  • Added Calories to Diet
  • Messy Scoops in a Tub
  • Smells and Tastes Like Protein Powder
  • Perfect daily Meal for Men
  • Supports a Great Life
  • A Balanced Meal You Drink Like a Shake
  • Nutrient Rich
  • For Daily Life Performance
  • Add Lean Muscle & Lose Fat
  • Fuel For a Strong Body and Mind
  • Protein, Carbs, EFA’s, Fiber, Probiotics
  • Enjoyed for Breakfast, Lunch and More!
  • Reduces Calories in Diet
  • Clean, Portion-Controlled Packet
  • Real Shake Aroma and Taste
  • Optimizes a Man’s Hormones

Whether you’ve been drinking a nutrition shake for awhile, or have never tried one, I assure you the impact Full Strength makes is immediate and measurable. If you regularly skip breakfast, deprive your body of steady, wholesome nutrition, snack too often, skip lunch or try to get by on coffee and snacks…it’s time for you to feel the strength, energy and freedom of Full Strength.

How Full Strength Came to Best Whole Foods

Eating healthy, balanced meals and exercising regularly is central to enjoying a strong, healthy vibrant life. I encourage people to embrace this lifestyle every day of my life. I also believe that the right nutrition shake, used regularly, will support your life and even greatly enhance your life and results.

Both can be good for you but until Full Strength, food had a distinct advantage. Shakes were revered for delivering proteins and other nutrients, quickly but where no comparison for lean white chicken breast and steamed broccoli when it came to altering your body composition.

I studied the way foods work, how energy and nutrients are gradually released into the body, in the creating of Full Strength. It was food that was actually my inspiration.

When the mind and body are properly synchronized, you have clear perception, confidence without doubt, presence without anxiety and productivity without stress.

You see, when you consume whole foods, it undergoes the process of digestion which release the proteins, carbs, fat and nutrient into your body. When proteins are present in a balanced amount, the complex nature of digesting protein tends to slow the release of energy, in gradual and healthy fashion. Thus, the ideal combination of protein and carbs with the veggies don’t spike insulin or cause any major spikes in blood sugar, etc. It’s this stable energy release, the presence of insulin but the absence of excess insulin is key–key to weight loss, sustained energy even to living longer.

When it comes to the nutrition shake, balance is not as simple as measuring out a few palms of protein, carbs and veggies.

When you’re using an engineered nutrition shake to fuel a strong, active body, things work a little differently inside. As you’ve noticed, I’m sure, when you drink a delicious nutrition shake there’s very little chewing involved – the digestion process is very different. Rather than the proteins slowly breaking down and being trickled into your body, the high quality proteins in the shake are free to take immediate action in your body’s cells – so you get an instant upsurge of proteins to the brain and the blood flowing to the muscles. This is ideal for times when you need real focus and energy and when you need to feed your muscles with the building blocks to spur recovery and growth.

Given that the proteins are more readily available from a nutrition shake than a chicken breast, the ideal balance for the shake is not the exact same as the plate of whole food. What we’ve concluded is that a lesser amount of carbs, from a high-quality (low GI) source is the ideal amount to support the delivery of proteins to the vital operations and still support a steady state of energy for hours — all while double-impacting the satiety centers of the brain. Add the essential, healthy fats to this high-impact formula and what you’ve got is what we call “The Performance Balance” – the perfect balance for a living strong. It’s a science that’s long over do – for taking the potential of the nutrition shake to the Next Level!

More Than a “Protein Shake!”

I’m generally mild-tempered but there is one thing that’s sure to get me heated, fast. The under-my-skin, pet-peeve is calling Full Strength a “protein shake.” Oh, I know it’s an innocent, unintentional oversight but this is personal. I’ve poured my heart and soul into the vision of a brighter, more vibrant future for busy men. And I can’t have Full Strength being confused with a simple muscle building protein shake.

Full Strength is cutting a new path here but the future of food is not going to be changed carrying concepts from the past. Language matters, and Protein Shake is yesterdays muscle man product. The world’s first Fast Performance Food is tomorrow’s healthy, strong freedom. And this is truly a food, not a supplement.

The Full Strength shake is light years beyond the bland, chalky protein shake supplements and those low-grade shake impostors. Some may suffice “supplementing” protein but merely irritate an appetite and completely fail to energize and optimize the performance workings of a man.

A nearly perfect nourishing meal, Full Strength that tastes like a delicious milk shake and works like magic.

Check the Facts: It’s a Food

More than simply “like a food,” Full Strength is food, literally! Check the side of the box. It says, ‘Nutrition Facts’ which is labeling regulated by the US Government for use by foods only. Other “shake products” will proudly show you their “Supplement Facts” because they are supplemental to food.

The best way to know why this makes a difference is to experience the difference yourself—don’t take my word for it. Compare one Full Strength against any other nutrition shake or food in the world…then check in on how you feel, your energy, satisfaction and focus – one hour, two hours and three hours after each shake. When you feel how remarkably different Full Strength is, how you’re free from hunger and flowing with energy, you’ll know why it’s the only food in the world like it.

Full Strength is not “meal-replacement” but rather a
perfect meal for a busy high-performance LIFE!

For a Smarter, Stronger, Slimmer You

Protein, from the Greek word protas meaning “of primary importance,” is essential to the structure and function of every cell in your body, including regulation of metabolism. Life, chemically speaking, is nothing but the function of proteins. It’s not just about muscle building, it’s a life-enhancing and life-giving compound.

As the knowledge of the power of protein continues to grow, so does my contention that it is those who do not exercise regularly that most need protein. In addition to supporting brain function, increasing mental focus, sustaining energy, and supporting the life of every cell in the body, protein has been shown to be highly effective in supporting healthy weight loss.

Doesn’t “Tank” You Like Food

Unlike even the healthiest, whole food meal which diverts your crucial energy reserves to digestion and storage, leaving you feeling sleepy, Full Strength provides an instant upsurge of vital nutrients to your mind and body—boosting your focus and keeping you going strong for four hours.

Saves Time, Daily

Full Strength can save you well over an hour going out for a “fast” lunch. Yet the direct time you will gain is the bonus – the most dramatic impact is the way in which Full Strength accelerates your energy and helps you focus. Within minutes of enjoying a delicious Full Strength your ability to stay on task is much greater, and within minutes you’re back in the game, and stronger.

The Speed And Potency Of A Supplement
The Satisfaction And Nutrition Of Whole Foods!

Full Strength’s proprietary Performance Balance Technology™ provides a balanced 50-50 ratio of calories from the cellular “building blocks” of premium grade protein and sustained energy from the advanced energy matrix and omega-essential fats. This unique, nearly perfect balance offers the immediate performance boost of a supplement and the lasting satisfaction and energy of a healthy, balanced meal.

(scientifically proven to out perform supplements in building muscle and burning fat.)

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