Turning Water Into Wine

Typically, water no more turns to wine than
fat turns to muscle.

Science has shown us the truth. Yet, when you see fat effortlessly give way as new lean muscle appears—at the same time—it’s hard to deny your eyes.

That’s what researchers witnessed when the University of Oklahoma conducted a 10-week study on the effects of the Full Strength integrated nutrition shake in comparison to exercise alone.

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“Very Impressive Results!”

That’s what the science review boards the most prestigious Journals in health and nutrition said when the study was presented to them.

“But…,” they continued. “But how did a nutrition shake, a food, produce such dramatic results?”

It was in digger deeper and deeper into the triggers that produced these super-human results that accounted for the 9 months between submission of the study and it’s subsequent publishing. Yes, it was finally published and it turned out to be the most read publication that year. Which means it was the most studied study but the scientists who study this sort of thing.

Which, when you think about it, is pretty impressive in itself. It’s science that actually interests and impresses even scientists.

The Ad Libitum Diet

What makes these results even more stunning is the fact that the subjects were given zero dietary restrictions to follow. Yes, that means they just enjoyed a Full Strength, or two daily, and were free to eat whatever they desired all the rest of the day.

It’s what’s called “an ad libitum diet” which means “of free will.” They subjected were free to do whatever they damn well pleased. Which, as the results showed, included losing fat, gaining muscle, gaining energy and feeling great!

University Study Results Baffle Researchers

University of Oklahoma Study Shows Full Strength
Builds Muscle, Reduces Body Fat, Lowers Cholesterol &
Increases Energy, All Without Any Dietary Restrictions

[Golden, CO]    The Metabolic and Human Body Composition Lab at the University of Oklahoma recently published significant findings from a first of its kind clinical study on nutrition shakes.

The study, featured in The Journal of Nutrition & Metabolism, used an “ad libitum” diet, meaning participants were told to eat “whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted.” The only nutrition intervention was to add Full Strength® Premium Nutrition Shakes.

Participants consumed one Full Strength daily for the first 2 weeks and two Full Strength shakes each day for the remainder of the 10 week study. Just like the rest of their diet, the Full Strength shakes were enjoyed whenever the participants wanted them.

Specifically the study showed participants following a basic exercise program and enjoying Full Strength® Premium Nutrition Shake daily had the following results over a basic-exercise group only:

  • •       83% Greater Weight Loss
  • •       59% Greater reduction in Body Fat
  • •       65% Greater Drop in Cholesterol
  • •       50% Greater Increase in Lean Muscle
  • •       44% Greater Increase in Endurance Performance (increased energy)


Actual Graphs from the Full Strength “Oklahoma Study”

3 OU Study Charts


Most remarkably the Full Strength group was able to simultaneously lose body fat and gain lean muscle without any dietary restrictions or caloric deprivation.

Full Strength is The World’s First Fast Performance Food

It is unsurpassed in its ability to deliver great taste, hours of satiety, vibrant energy and freedom from hunger—backed by rock-solid science is a game-changer in the field of nutrition and a life-changer in the real-world.

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