When is the Best Time to Train?

I don’t have the time.

When it comes to exercising/training, how many times have you heard that one? “I don’t have the time.” Perhaps even uttered those words yourself?

While it’s true life has a way of conspiring against us when it comes to training time—work, family, unexpected conflicts, travel—it doesn’t have to be that way.

But truth be told there is no “best” time, morning or later in the day. Some advantages may apply for each, but neither option will make or break you.

Through trial and error you can determine your personal physical peak times when you feel your best. For example, testosterone is at its peak in the morning, yet afternoon may better serve your stamina.

Not to be overlooked is what best serves your personal and professional life.

Maybe the best time for you is early in the morning when the rest of the family is asleep, or during off-peak gym hours when you can train without interruption or waiting on equipment. Perhaps its lunch hour when everyone else is lined up at the take-out counter you’re improving the outlook for the rest of your day while on a bike ride.

All life factors aside, the bottom line is the best time to train is
When You MAKE the Time.

Write it down in your calendar and keep the appointment, the same as you would any other meeting or blocked time.

Have a plan of attack and go!

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