Is Whey Protein Really the Ultimate Protein for Muscle Growth

I just received this question, via Facebook:

“Is Whey protein really superior in terms of how much your body absorbs and uses. Many experts say that taking to much whey is a waste and your body uses it as energy and not tissue repair. Does whey really have immuno-enhancing properties superior to plain whole food protein like say Cod? Would it be a better option for a person with a sickness or weak immune system? Hope some of my questions could be answered.Thanks.”

First, I see this question a lot. Let’s face it, Whey Protein has been adequately hyped by every bodybuilding supplement company out there. When you think about it, whey is a rather recent invention (or discovery).

And yes, despite the hype, whey protein has been shown to be quite unique in it’s actions, from boosting muscle recovery, size and strength to enhancing fat loss, promoting satiety. And yes, the Lactoferrin concentration, specifically in the cold processed Whey Isolate is rich–and even has anti-cancer and other immune benefits. (Will Brink wrote a very informative article on Lactoferrins for Life-Extension.)

As for the “experts” and the various opinions, it’s certainly one of the most exciting part of the supplement industry may be that so many experts say so many…well, silly and fun things. They can’t help it, I’m sure.

I like to think of most everything I see and read, that’s outside the bounds of sound, sensible science, as being partial truths. Partial truths are exaggerated to make a story that we long for or fear.

Along that line, it may well be a partial truth that “whey is superior,” and you have to whey (LOL) that against the partial truth that your body will invariably “waste” some of that precious protein—as if every gram of some other protein, or any protein, will convert 1-1 into muscle.

My advice, what I follow, is a rational approach, somewhere between fearing vampires and believing in the tooth fairy. If it’s too fantastic to be true, question it and stay calm. If you see reason to look further, seek credible science (like the Oklahoma Study, peer-reviewed and published in real elite journals) and real results from people you know.

If you hear about reasons to fear, be it microwaves or mirco-nutrients, stay calm. Know that fear is the most abused emotion in marketing. It’s such a naturally accessible state for humans.

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