Whey Protein Supports Weight Loss [Study]

Another freedom brick in the explosive body of evidence highlighting the weight loss power of whey proteins…

We bring you this instant classic:

Not All Calories Created Equal

The USDA researchers recruited 73 overweight and obese adults and randomly assigned them to receive two 200-calorie beverages a day, consisting of 28g of whey or soy protein plus carbohydrate or carbohydrate alone per serving for 23 weeks.

Participants consuming whey protein daily showed a two percent reduction in body weight, compared to a group consuming an equal amount of calories from carbohydrates, according to findings.

At the end of the study, researchers report the whey protein group’s body weight was approximately 4 pounds lower than the carbohydrate group, and their body fat was 5 pounds less than the carbohydrate group.

In addition, a one inch reduction in waist size was reported in the whey group, compared to the carbohydrate and soy protein groups.

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