Whey but not Soy Protein Changes Body Composition

Many people tell ya, “Protein is protein.” But it just aint so.

Today, comes another reminder from industry veteran, protein expert, Will Brink that whey protein is the king of Transformation.

In previous studies we’ve seen that whey protein improves insulin sensitivity (that’s very important for weight loss) lowers blood pressure, elevates metabolism and provides superior satiety…

Fact is whey does a lot of things inside the body on a cellular level which are nothing short of magic. It’s a game changer for changing your body composition.

In this most recent study, Whey protein was compared against Soy protein (the much debated key ingredient in “Body By Vi” Visalus shakes) in terms of body composition.

Now, that’s a little more tech-speak than most of us need.

 The Facts of the Study:

  •  Whey protein compared against Soy Protein and Carbohydrates
  •  90 participants for 23 weeks
  •  Participants were overweight or obese
  •  No dietary requirements other than adding “the shakes”

  The highlights of the study are:

  •  The Whey protein (WP) group had lower Body Mass and Fat Mass levels than the Soy Protein or Carbohydrate group
  •  The WP group lost inches around their waistline where Soy Protein and Carb groups were the same.
  •  The WP group had lower ghrelin concentrations compared with SP. Ghrelin may serve as a hunger signal; it strongly increases food intake in both animals and humans.

Why do you care?

I share this with you as further support for why Full Strength is wisely and intentionally created with the finest blend of whey proteins you can find, anywhere. The Full Strength total shake provides over 22 grams of the purest, cold-processed immunoglobulin rich whey protein isolate. The other 18 grams are the finest whey protein concentrate (of which there are many grades, ours being grade-A) and whole milk protein and casein.

This blend provides the fast acting, highly anabolic features of isolate with the lasting satiety and gradual release of other proteins. The proprietary 3-chain formula has proven to provide the best of all worlds, for the most muscle boosting, fat burning and appetite satisfying you can find anywhere, in any protein or nutrition shake.

Experience the Difference

Bruce Lee once famously said, “Knowing is not enough. You must do.” When it comes to Full Strength, it could not be more true. You think you know, because you understand, because you’ve used protein before, because you’re smart.

But there is no experience you can have in your mind that is comparable to what the actual experience is like. When you’ve enjoyed a Full Strength shake, not for a day but for a week, then two, you’ll then truly know how limited your view was before. Your mind and body will truly KNOW the experience of premium nutrition and you’ll be a better man for it.




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