3 Strong But Who is The Full Strength Man?

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Yesterday I posed the question on Facebook, Which of these men is the Full Strength Man.

By that I mean, not simply a client but also an icon for the Full Strength Lifestyle. The response was tremendous. I hope you too enjoyed the banter.

And now, the much demanded answer {{drum roll please…}}

Is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Full Strength?

First, going from left to right, is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. For reasons that are easy to understand, he may have been the most popular vote getter. Why not, right? He’s one serious Full Strength guy.

Everything about DJ Rock is Strong! And because of that, many of you clearly assumed it was a trick question and maybe The Rock was NOT The Full Strength Man.

Why would Dwayne use a Full Strength shake?

For starters, he’s been around and is no damned fool. He knows that not all protein is created equal and that the high concentration of cold-processed pure whey isolate in Full Strength will do his muscles more than good, flooding his body with amino acids. And the nearly 12 grams of L-Glutamine, the most prevalent amino acid in your body, will keep his intense workouts from consuming his muscles and aid recovery.

And yet, most importantly, Dwayne is 40 years old now—and even the best kept body doesn’t respond to nutrition—any nutrition—at 40 the way it did at 20. Things change. As we age our bodies become increasingly sensitive to foods that elevate our blood sugar and trigger insulin spikes.

Sure, insulin is our friend when it comes to shuttling nutrients into your cells, but too much and too often is the cause of everything from metabolic syndrome to diabetes. And in the presence of insulin your body can not burn fat.

The Rock knows that to get lean

he wants to keep

burning fat

all day long, not just during a workout. He also gets what most men need to know that when your insulin surges your hormones, namely testosterone and growth hormone, plummet—flirting with zero at times.

More than a protein shake,

Full Strength is integrated nutrition

that is ideal for a man’s Full Strength life. It’s not just getting nutrients into The Rock’s body,

aiding muscle gains

and fueling recovery, it’s creating a sort of “insulin momentum” which supports healthy hormone levels. And let’s face it, with the sort of muscle Dwayne is sporting, you need all the hormone strength you can get.

What About Jerry? Full Strength?

Jerry Seinfeld? Really, some would say? And then of course there are the savvy one’s who assume that the opposite of what you think is the right answer.

And maybe you’re right. Not because he’s the opposite though. I mean, while Joe Piscapo did a good job ruining fitness for funny men, it’s no secret that at 54, Jerry is one fit, strong dude.

I mean, given that he had his first child at age 48, now the father of three, he’s got more than a little motivation for staying strong, energized and capable of going the distance. Plus, with all those Porsches to drive, who wants to be fat, weak or tired.

Jerry certainly doesn’t have the sort of muscle that The Rock needs for fuel and yet the protein in Full Strength will still maximize the preservation of the precious muscle and

support muscle gains

from training. But equally important, for Jerry would be the impact on the mental side—the highly available proteins and key amino acids which fuel the key neurotransmitters of focus and feeling good.

This allows someone like Jerry to enjoy a reliable, daily nutrition that gets his body happy and his mind in gear. It sustains energy and leaves your appetite content with healthier options all day. Free from the dips and spikes which lead to gorging oneself.

And finally, the fact that for 300 calories, a Full Strength can deliver the sort of hungry free strong energy that you’ve come to expect from 700-800 calories of whole foods, makes it a default practice to consume fewer calories every day.

In the Full Strength university study the participants who enjoyed Full Strength daily ate a reported 24% fewer calories with zero dietary restrictions. Which means they didn’t diet—but ate a lot better.

And fewer calories, effortlessly, means less weight gained—and more weight dropped—but it may also mean a longer, healthier life—according to the growing science of life extension.

Now, Daniel Craig has got to be Full Strength?

I have to admit, when I think of the poster-boy for the Full Strength Man, it’s one Daniel 007 Craig.

He’s got all the stud-ly, sophisticated and strong elements you’d want. Right?

As for James Bond and Full Strength… he’s sort of the sweet spot, a blend of the benefits Jerry and Dwayne would both get. He trains, like the other two. He keeps a good amount of muscle, which needs the support.

Daniel, he’s also got to be shirt-off lean, which means burning fat from your food, not just from training or dieting. That’s why the appetite freedom and sustained energy really matter for Daniel. So, like Jerry gets more hours each day on fewer calories, so does D. Craig.

And once again, Craig is 44, so his body is in need of the inside out support that insulin stability and energy management can provide. By stabilizing his insulin, the master control hormone, he can help resolve or prevent the all too common premature decline of the male hormones, namely testosterone and even growth hormone (Gh).

This ability to support steady blood-sugar and insulin levels is what we believe the key to the stunning scientific results Full Strength has produced. The fact that in 10 weeks, the group using Full Strength added over 50% more muscle and lost over 60% more fat than the exercise group—in the complete absence of any diet—may very well be the result of this “insulin mastery.” Because these things do not happen in the same environment.

Yes, muscle is gained in the abundance of calories and fat is released in calorie deprivation. Ah… but when you start adding hormones, or up-regulating in this case, that all changes. For then, it’s quite expected that fat will be lost while muscle is gained.

So, that may well be the key here… and while it won’t be the first thing on Craig’s mind as he’s enjoying the delicious satisfying Full Strength shake, in the back of his calm, relaxed and confident mind, he’ll know this strong and sound bonus does his body and mind very well.

And the answer is…

You’re right if you didn’t’ see me actually answer the question. I didn’t—and I did. Both are true.

Which leads me to the real answer. YES! The answer is who? Yes. As in, they are each Full Strength Men in their own way. Like you and I, they have a unique set of needs and life circumstances which demands their absolute best—and yet, their individuality sits atop of their common male operating system.

They are all men, after all—with all the good, bad and evil that comes with that label these days. And as all men are these days, the very source of their manliness—their masculine hormones—is under attack from environmental, food, lifestyle and even social “pollutants.” Further more, these Full Strength men are in the stage in life where they can no longer “get by” on the hormonal, fitness and energy momentum of youth. They must actively and very consciously preserve their strength, energy and vitality.

No doubt a strong awareness of this challenge and their own accountability to their families, friends and the world, play a strong role in the fact (that I know some of you do want to know) some of the aforementioned men are long standing clients, enjoying a daily Full Strength. Which ones, I am not at liberty to say. For they are not endorsers but simply men who enjoy Full Strength just like you. And like us, they put their pants on one leg at a time, and buy their stock of Full Strength shakes just like everyone else—in the cart that you should visit right now.

For if you get some of why this is true, if you have a nagging sense that something in here resonates deep inside, stop thinking about it and get some clarity by stepping in to the strength and feeling, from the inside out, the energy, confidence and mental clarity you used to know so well.

Here’s to your life as a Full Strength…Man!

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