Why OUT OF STOCK is Good News

Yes, it’s true…. 

Full Strength is OUT OF STOCK. That’s right. We’re flat out for a few days while the NEW, Super Fresh small-batch arrives.

Why is it GOOD NEWS?

Here’s what we shared with a customer who asked that very question:

Thank you for asking.

Actually our clients are responding quite well.

We completely realize that it is not entirely “good news” to be out of stock—but rather than turn our short-term “out of stock” into a potentially disheartening situation, we have no alternative but to look at the reasons why we are delivering behind schedule and to look at the positives—from the client’s point of view.

Fact is we don’t sit on a year’s worth of inventory like many companies in this industry. And while Full Strength has a healthy two-year shelf life for its ingredients, we like to keep it fresh. We encountered a delay in receiving two of our raw material ingredients—and substitution of those ingredients is just not acceptable—even at the risk of delay to get Full Strength to our clients.

As such, prior to sending the notification we checked in, by telephone, with a several of our Inner Circle clients who’ve been with us since 2006. Now we know phone is different than email, and tone is a factor. But there was overwhelming appreciation for our honest communication as well as the reasoning behind the delay.

We determined our legacy clientele understand the Full Strength commitment to delivering a very consistent experience—flavor, aroma, taste, lasting hours of satiety and fulfillment. No substitutions.

We are disappointed in the delay—and we know that many of our clients are disappointed too—but do understand the “fresh Full Strength on the way” notification.

Even though we didn’t throw a smiley face into the email, our communication is meant to be respectful, direct and sincere.

We really do appreciate you—you’ve been a client since March of ’11! We are proud to have kept you in our family of clients that long and hope to continue to do so.

After tasting the blending samples I know you will not be disappointed upon receipt of your next order.

I hope my response not only satisfies your curiosity about how our news is being received, I hope I’ve rekindled any enthusiasm you may have lost into excitement about your upcoming delivery of Strength!

I hope this helps you see the benefit too… and yes, we will continue to bring you FRESH strength, usually just missing this OUT OF STOCK moment.




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