Why Our 2 Amazing Flavors Beats Muscle Milk

In a recent teleseminar with our Inner Circle members, one of the members asked a question about recipes for Full Strength—how to freshen it up when you’re doing two shakes a day…

In my response, I explain why making just two flavors, chocolate and vanilla, and making them better than anyone in the world (by a long shot) is the best for everyone. And why the Muscle Milk flavor carnival may be great for stacking product on retailers shelves but sucks for the user.

And yes, I also share a few of my favorite Full Strength recipes, including the Vanilla Frozen Almond Full Strength classic below.

Full Strength Frozen Almond

– 1 Packet Full Strength Vanilla
– 14-15 oz cold water (blend as usual)
– 3-4 ice cubes
+ Add palm size scoop of fresh raw organic almonds from the freezer (as in frozen)
+ Add dash of cinnamon (optional)
Blend until smooth, creamy and chunky. The frozen almonds will give a crunchy texture and add a delicious, refreshing hint of almond.

** Of course, do use a blender on this for while the shaker cup is great, it’s not ideal of shredding frozen almonds! I stronger encourage the ownership and use of a BlendTec blender for all Full Strength’s but especially this recipe.

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